Nothing to be ‘happy’ about with coronavirus pandemic anniversary in Massachusetts

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary?!?!?

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary?!?!?

That’s how Gov. Charlie Baker on Wednesday commemorated the first anniversary of his signing of the declaration declaring an “emergency” over a seasonal virus — with a gleeful shout-out of “Happy Anniversary!” to his assorted adoring coat holders and payroll patriots assembled at a factory in West Bridgewater.

Happy Anniversary?

Tell it to the scores of dead at the Holyoke Soldiers Home.

Happy Anniversary to the 8,707 casualties in the nursing homes regulated by the state’s pathetically incompetent Department of Public Health — those dead still represent a majority of the 16,176 deaths officially blamed on COVID-19 in Massachusetts.

Of course Baker’s amen chorus in the Boston media gave his jaw-dropping “Happy Anniversary” shout-out a good leaving alone, stressing instead his alleged tearing up as he discussed … whatever.

But here is the real money quote from his sermon to the faithful, discussing the (alleged) greater availability of vaccinations for more people:

“To our health care workers, our first responders, our long-term care workers and so many others in Massachusetts who were looking for it, uh, this is really in some respects, uh, a very special moment and a happy anniversary in some ways for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.”

A very special moment and a happy anniversary in some ways!

Is that how you’ll remember this disastrous last year?

The author of this calamitous, largely avoidable catastrophe was chuckling, giggling, as he brought up the very special moment:

“So um, this is uh the one-year anniversary of the signing of the (inaudible chuckling and off-mike comments) of the executive order here in Massachusetts that put the Commonwealth into a state of emergency.”

Surely he meant to say, a state of hysteria. Or panic.

On this happy anniversary, let’s consider some of Massachusetts’ other happy statistics from the 15 days to flatten the curve, which is now entering its second year:

After ranking third for most of the year among the 50 states in deaths per 100,000 population, Massachusetts now stands fourth in fatalities at 240 per 100,000, trailing only New Jersey (268) New York (250) and Rhode Island (242).

Neighboring Vermont’s death rate: 34, compared with Massachusetts’ 242. New Hampshire has 87 deaths per 100,000, Maine has 54.

Happy Anniversary, Charlie! When are you getting your Emmy or your seven-figure book deal like Cuomo’s? Or at the very least, a Profiles in Courage Award, for decimating your state’s economy?

One of every eight nursing home residents in Massachusetts is dead. Given New York’s fraudulent numbers for all those months, it’s hard to know whose mismanagement killed more nursing home residents – Gov. Andrew Cuomo or the man Dementia Joe Biden calls “Charlie Parker.”

For two months last summer, Massachusetts had the highest unemployment rate in the nation, even worse than shut-down resort-destination states like Nevada and Hawaii.

How many times has Charlie Parker gone out in front of the cameras, his beta-male voice cracking like a pubescent teenager’s, slamming his fist on the podium, fingering his wedding ring, demanding that everyone follow his preposterous orders or YOU WILL ALL DIE!

Really, Charlie?

The state keeps changing its COVID-19 dashboard, downplaying or even eliminating statistics and charts that don’t advance the state-sanctioned hysteria, but here are a few numbers to illustrate who’s really at risk.

Since Aug. 12, according to Parker’s own numbers, 75 Massachusetts residents under the age of 30 are said to have died of the virus.

Meanwhile, 8,575 over the age of 80 have perished, and another 3,300 between the ages of 70 and 79.

Put another way: under the age of 50, 390 are dead. Over the age of 50, 14,435.

For that, he crushed an entire state. Forty percent of the state’s restaurants are gone forever. Only three states in the Union lost a higher percentage of jobs than Maskachusetts.

Happy Anniversary!

Charlie, of course, hasn’t missed a single paycheck during his brutal year-long dictatorship — $185,000 a year, plus that very sweet $65,000-a-year housing allowance.

He tried to shut down every kind of gathering, even youth hockey and Little League baseball. But rioting, looting and arson in Boston in late May, Parker said, was okay, because it was “mostly peaceful protests.”

Except, I guess, for the thugs setting fire to Boston police cruisers and finally opening fire on the cops on Tremont Street.

Charlie didn’t care. Neither did any his hacks. Most of them have been on “virtual” vacation for the last year – happy anniversary for a year-long vacation with pay.

By not working, they’re virtue signaling. They care all right… about keeping this scam going, forever if possible.

Happy Anniversary!

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