No justice for taxpaying Americans

If I ever get jammed up, I ask for no special treatment – just treat me like an illegal alien.

That’s my takeaway from the outrageous claim by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, the fake Indian, that the US criminal justice system is “racist – all the way, I mean front to back.”

There are two systems of justice, but it’s not so much about race as it is about immigration status. If you’re an American, chances are you get hard time.

If you’re an illegal alien, you get everything, and I do mean everything, including an EBT card, MassHealth and a Sect. 8 housing certificate.

First, when the “racist” cops say you have the right to remain silent, the illegal says “no habla” English. He gets a translator. He claims he’s “indigent,” so he gets a public defender.

If he’s charged with OUI, the public defender hires a psychologist (also on the taxpayers’ dime) to say that the illegal “lacks the enzyme” to metabolize alcohol and thus can’t be held accountable for killing some gringo.

But the real double standard kicks in when the undocumented Democrat get to the courtroom. A taxpaying American can only dream of the kid-gloves treatment these Third World fiends get.

Here’s a 2016 headline: “If Springfield market owner illegally cashing food stamps had been US citizen punishment would have been greater, judge says.”

This one involved a 56-year-old Dominican bodega owner who was running an EBT-card scam for illegals in Springfield – stop me if you’ve heard this one before. He stole $38,000 and didn’t do a day in jail. As Judge Tina Page said, “Had he been a citizen of the US he would in all likelihood be serving a substantial sentence.”

But if he’d been imprisoned he’d have been deported, and God knows we don’t want to deport Dominican welfare fraudsters – or Dominican heroin dealers.

Freeing Dominican heroin dealers (and future cop killers) is the specialty of Superior Court Judge Timothy “Touchy” Feeley, who cut loose a Dominican heroin dealer with no prison time, as the prosecutor put it, “to help him avoid deportation.”

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? Sometimes law abiding taxpayers get murdered because of this double standard of justice for welfare-collecting non-citizens.

Remember this headline from last year: “Suspect in slayings of Boston doctors could have been deported for past bank robberies.”

So this African violently robs two downtown banks but the local Democrats cut the charges to “larceny from a person” so he wouldn’t be deported. So the African went out and did some cutting of his own, of the throats of two anesthesiologists in South Boston, both of whom happened to be immigrants themselves. But they had jobs, thus making them ineligible for special treatment by the party of Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama.

Then there was this headline: “Mass. High Court Rules Local Authorities Can’t Detain People Solely on ICE detainers.”

That was all about a nice newcomer to our land named Sreynoun Lunn. ICE wanted to deport this Cambodian career criminal, but the SJC said no last July. Three months later, Lunn celebrated his latest free ride by allegedly robbing an old lady in a wheelchair of $2,000 in the West End.

He needed the cash to buy drugs, he said.

How about this headline, from April of this year: “Accused Quincy Uber Rapist Has Fled the Country?”

He raped a woman in Weymouth. Fled back to Africa after nobody at Quincy District Court bothered to inform the Norfolk County sheriff that ICE had put a detainer on this African, who is from Ghana.

That release of a foreign Uber rapist is not to be confused with a similar case in Newton District Court last year. A Dominican gang banger and Uber driver charged with raping a BC coed was basically cut loose by another Deval Patrick hack judge. The illegal gangbanger rapist hasn’t been seen since.

More from Newton District Court: last April, ICE agents showed up to grab an illegal Dominican cocaine dealer who’d been previously deported.

According to ICE, “the subject was allowed to abscond from the courthouse by a court security officer, despite ICE officers’ attempts to arrest the subject.”

Question: when was the last time local court officers – also known as hacks – helped an American citizen escape feds in a courthouse?

So the reality is, yes, there are two systems of justice in the US. Basically, taxpaying citizens of whatever color have to obey the law. Non-citizens don’t have to obey the law, and they also don’t have to work for a living. Everything free in America.

According to the latest polls, Trump’s approval rating is up to 29 percent among black Americans. I think they’re starting to figure out who’s benefitting from the “fundamental transformation” of America as envisioned by Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy, and it ain’t them.

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