No, Democrats – it’s not Trump who’s the ‘master of distraction’

President Trump has been labeled a master manipulator by the Washington Post, Michael Cohen and assorted pundits on “Morning Joe.”

In Fortune magazine, Ralph Benko once described the president as an expert hypnotist.

“Trump, while hypnotizing the world, also has repeatedly hypnotized himself — sometimes to his great detriment,” he said.

A hypnotist so powerful he falls victim to his own spells! How demonic.

But according to his rivals, Trump has mastered one nefarious dark art above all others: distraction. The New York Times calls him “Trump, the Master of Distraction”; The New Yorker writes “Trump is a Superspreader—of Distraction”; and Newsweek deems him “Donald Trump, Master of Misdirection.”

In the eyes of his fervent detractors, Trump’s intentions are always two-fold. There is what Trump really wants — money, power, world domination — and then there are the “shiny objects” he pretends to care about.

The media usually labels any Trump accomplishment as a shiny object. For instance, when the Trump administration brokered unprecedented agreements of Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates making peace with Israel — well, that was all to deflect from the coronavirus.

Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said immediately after the historic moment, “Good for him for having a distraction on a day when the numbers of people who are affected and the numbers of people who are dying from this virus only increases.”

If I didn’t know how often Pelosi prays for the president, I’d almost get the sense she despises him!

If you think the coronavirus is the first time Trump has pulled a hidden-ball stunt, you are sorely mistaken.

Even before COVID-19 cases appeared in the U.S., the president was up to his evil machinations.

When he passed his tax cuts in 2017, The Baltimore Sun wrote that “the purpose of today’s exercise wasn’t to present a realistic or responsible plan. It was to dangle a shiny object in front of the public to distract attention from the fact that he has accomplished remarkably little as his 100-day-mark looms.”

When the president moved the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem — you guessed it: Deflection!

A letter to the editor in the East Bay Times captured just how cynically one Trump Derangement sufferer saw this achievement.

“Well, consider the one thing Trump is really good at — he’s a master at distraction. And he really needs to distract folks from his growing legal problems and the progress the Mueller investigation is making.”

Technically Trump can’t prove that he didn’t move the embassy to distract from the Mueller investigation. Therefore, he can’t be exonerated.

But the media always conveniently ignores its party’s far superior distraction skills. At the vice presidential debate this past week, Vice President Mike Pence called out Sen. Kamala Harris for her ticket’s (and yes it is her ticket) refusal to answer whether or not they
would pack the Supreme Court.

Kamala responded to his accusation by offering a rambling “little history lesson” about how Abraham Lincoln didn’t fill a Supreme Court seat 27 days before his re-election in 1864 because he said “It’s not the right thing to do.”

He did not say that. Lying about an Honest Abe quote is remarkably shameless, even for Harris.

Pence pointed out that the California senator, once again, did not give a straight answer. Lucky for the former prosecutor, the moderator Susan Page quickly changed the subject.

As for Joe Biden, the former vice president won’t respond to the same question because he fears his answer would become a “headline.”

Good thinking, Joe. It would be a terrible thing to distract voters with any of your actual plans.

According to the progressives: Peace agreements, tax cuts, criminal justice reform, Hunter Biden’s shady ties to the Ukraine, and Joe Biden’s inability to compose a sentence — those are all distractions.

But a fly on Mike Pence’s hair, a failed impeachment, a Russian hoax, Stormy Daniels’ “hush money,” Melania’s Rose Garden renovation, a three-year-old’s Lego White House and two scoops of ice cream — well, those are the pressing issues that really matter.

In reality, I don’t think the left really believes that Trump is a master of distraction.

The power-hungry Democrats are simply angry that their narratives don’t run the show anymore.

This week, while on-air with Rush Limbaugh, the great hypnotist-in-chief said, “The people of our country are smarter than the people that cover them.”

The left controlled America’s dialogue for decades.

When Trump stepped on the scene, he pushed back on not just their narrative, but their way of getting things done.

The truth is that President Trump hasn’t been distracting people at all. In fact, much to the chagrin of the swamp creatures, people are finally paying attention.

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