NIMBY Maura Healey not nearly as ‘distressed’ as her Massachusetts constituents

Both Healey and Wu seem checked out, disinterested at best, bored at worst with anything beyond the vapid ribbon-cutting and virtue-signaling.

If she didn’t really care about being governor, why did Maura Healey run for the job last year?

Much like Mayor Michelle Wu in Boston, Maura must have been enthralled with the idea of being the “first” this or that. But now that they’ve made history, or her-story, both of them are like the dog that liked to chase the cars that drove by his house.

What happens to the dog when he… catches it?

Both Healey and Wu seem checked out, disinterested at best, bored at worst with anything beyond the vapid ribbon-cutting and virtue-signaling.

But considering that most Americans have likewise long since checked out of Boston, Wu’s disappearance is less of a concern.

It’s more significant when the governor appears to have gone MIA from the Commonwealth, whether on her endless junkets or even on those rare days she shows up in the Corner Office.

Not that this is a new phenomenon for governors. But usually it takes a term, or at least a couple of years, for the incumbent to become, in Gov. Charlie Baker’s second-term phrase, “disappointed.”

Barely nine months into the job and Maura “Hold It” Healey is… “distressed.”

But not nearly as distressed as her constituents, especially the ones who live or work or own businesses near the fleabag motels and ramshackle motor courts that the Illegal Alien Industrial Complex has been gleefully converting into Third World flophouses.

Those Massachusetts taxpayers lacking the wherewithal to flee to, for lack of a better term, America, are watching with dismay what is happening to their cities and towns.

In Quincy, they talk about how many of the pregnant illegals have already delivered their anchor babies, with all hospital expenses paid by Americans who can’t afford to have any more kids of their own because they have to work and pay taxes to support the foreign freeloaders’ baby boom.

In Sutton, they talk about how undocumented Democrats set fire to the run-down Red Roof Inn. In West Springfield, citizens wonder if the illegals are enjoying the hotel water slides their children never got to use.

In Saugus, they watch the buses pulling up to pick up all the indigent children, many of whom not only require ESL, but also special-needs instructions. American kids, you’re on your own!

On the Cape, the fleabag hotels fill up with illegals. The evicted American homeless are left to their own devices, sleeping in tents alongside Route 28.

Maura Healey’s response? The same one as Alfred E. Neuman had back in the days of Mad Magazine.

“What, me worry?”

It’s still business as usual on Beacon Hill. Last week she signed a “tax relief” bill providing relief to those who don’t pay taxes – how Democrat was that?

Next they’re going to try to ram through what amounts to the first steps towards an unconstitutional gun grab. This is an example of how the Deep State can use their ongoing disaster of illegal-alien imporation to their benefit.

The Democrats are going to claim you must give up your firearms for public safety, because of the crime wave being perpetrated not by Americans, but by the new undocumented Democrats.

Last week, one of the do-gooder gun grab groups cited the terrible shootings in Holyoke as a reason to abrogate the Second Amendment rights of 600,000 legal gun owners in Massachusetts.

For the record, the two shooters under arrest for murder in Holyoke are named Alejandro Ramos and Johnluis Sanchez. Ever see either one of them at your local rod & gun club? Are these amigos life members of the Gun Owners Action League?

But never let a crisis go to waste. The Democrats have created this catastrophe. And now as it destabilizes what was once a prosperous, peaceful First World country, they will use their imported chaos and crime to consolidate ever more power.

Check out who’s committing most of the crimes in this state now. The local DA’s are loath to tell you – that’s why the comrades on the Boston City Council wanted to get rid of the BPD’s BRIC unit that keeps the stats.

But sometimes the inconvenient facts leak out of the US attorney’s office in Boston.

You don’t have to be a criminologist to figure out that when you read a DOJ press release headlined “Dorchester (or Boston or Worcester) Man Indicted for Illegal Reentry,” they’re not talking about gringos.

In the last week, the feds have convicted both a “Commercial Truck Driver” and a “Man” for distribution of 15 kilos of cocaine. They were Mexicans, illegals.

As someone once said, “They’re not sending us their best.”

Maura Healey doesn’t care. She’s in love, after dumping her elderly gal pal, the judge. Now Maura’s set up light housekeeping one county over with a much younger woman who used to work under her. It’s a story as old as time.

Maura’s new love nest is in the People’s Republic of Arlington. No fleabag flophouses for illegals in Menotomy, by God! Woburn next door is reeling, but there are no Metrowest Metco programs being established to absorb some of working-class Woburn’s celebration of diversity.

NIMBY – Not In My Back Yard!

Now we have the the Army-Navy game scheduled for Gillette Stadium on Dec. 9. And the American taxpayers who were planning to attend have been told there’s no room at the inn.

See, the Democrats don’t care about Americans who pay their own way. They much prefer to give everything away to the illegal criminals.

This Foxboro fiasco is a national story, but Maura et al. are blaming the bad optics on “politics.” As if there’s even a Republican party left in this state after the crackpot former state chairman Jim “Jones” Lyons spent the last four years wrecking the GOP.

Speaking of which, there’s a Republican primary Tuesday in the Worcester and Hampshire Senate District. Rep. Peter Durant of Spencer needs your vote. He’s been fighting to repeal this insane “right to shelter” law that the Democrats are using to fundamentally transform the Commonwealth.

Durant has a chance to win the open state Senate seat out there next month. So naturally the remnants of Lyons’ Kool Aid Kult want to make sure they put a sure loser into the final election.

Please, if you live out there and you’re a Republican or unenrolled, vote for Peter Durant Tuesday. If he wins in November, it would be the first takeaway victory for Republicans here since 2018.

This state’s a dumpster fire. Actually the whole country is. First thing we have to do is put out the fire, and get starting ousting the Democrat arsonists who are still pouring gasoline on the flames.

Vote for Durant Tuesday if you live out there.

It’s a tiny start, but what else are we going to do?

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