NH’s Karoline Leavitt is the ‘Establishment’s greatest nightmare’

Karoline Leavitt is the real thing in the GOP primary in the 1st Congressional District in New Hampshire tomorrow.

Karoline Leavitt is the real thing in the GOP primary in the 1st Congressional District in New Hampshire tomorrow.

How do you know that the 25-year-old is closing in on the Republican nomination in the Seacoast district?

The Deep State Beltway RINO’s have spent close to $5 million to deny her the chance to face off against far-left Pelosi puppet Rep. Chris Pappas.

Less than five days before the polls opened, the GOP swamp creatures last Thursday poured another million bucks into anti-Karoline hit spots.

Why are they doing this to a 25-year-old St. Anselm College grad who was born and raised in New Hampshire?

“I am the Establishment’s greatest nightmare,” she proclaimed last month.

What more do you need to know? Vote for Karoline. She would be the youngest woman ever elected to Congress – a perfect antidote to, say, AOC.

Right now, more money is being spent on this Congressional primary than on the NH GOP Senate primary. There are several decent candidates. Matt Mowers is the Swamp’s favorite. He came close to Pelosi puppet Pappas in 2020 – close, but no cigar.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy, the next House Speaker if Republicans regain control, adores Mowers. He came to NH to raise money for him in 2020, and this year his PAC has put about $2 million into Mowers’ campaign.

McCarthy is all in because, if elected, Mowers would be, in Karoline’s words, “a go-along get-along politician.”

In D.C., Mowers worked for, among others, Dr. Deborah Birx, whom he called a “national treasure.” Do you agree with Matt?

Originally from New Jersey, Mowers voted in both the NJ and NH primaries in 2016. In Trenton, Mowers was an aide to then-Gov. Chris Christie, who recommended to Trump that he appoint Christopher Wray director of the FBI.

Krispy Crème Christie has now gone full-blown Never Trumper on all the Democrat chat shows. Yesterday Matt Mowers’ obese mentor was on ABC “News” burping that Brandon’s Justice Department had “no choice” but to undertake their pre-dawn home invasion of Mar-A-Lago.

By their friends ye shall know them…. Birx, Christie, McCarthy, Nikki Haley….

Mowers doesn’t personally seem like a bad guy, but he wasn’t expecting this young woman to come out of nowhere – meaning, New Hampshire – and actually give him a real run for his masters’ money.

I met Karoline in May. I was doing a remote at Toyota of Portsmouth and she showed up and worked the crowd like an old pro, shaking everybody’s hand, introducing herself to one and all.

Afterwards, one of the managers who knew her predicted to me that Karoline would spend the summer totally out-hustling everybody else and would overtake Mowers in the final days of the campaign.

Which is exactly what seems to be happening. And that is why the Deep State is pouring so much money into defeating Karoline.

In college in Manchester, she worked as an intern for Fox News. Later she had jobs in Trump’s White House and as an aide to NY Rep. Elise Stefanik, who has endorsed her, as have Rep. Jim Jordan and Sen. Ted Cruz.

On Thursday night, after the Swamp’s latest $1-million cash barrage against her, she went on Tucker Carlson to discuss the fact that must be doing, in Tucker’s words, “something right.”

Here’s the video:

After the Fox hit, she raised another $200,000, which she immediately put into her own last-minute media buy.

On Saturday, I tweeted out the Tucker segment and endorsed Karoline. I immediately got a text from Mowers saying that there was a Trafalgar poll showing him 19 points ahead. Somehow, I can’t seem to find that poll anywhere on-line, and it certainly seems odd that if their man were really up by 19 points, they’d be dumping millions more into last-minute buys.

According to the final UNH poll, the 1st CD GOP race is basically tied – Mowers has 26 percent to Karoline’s 24. In third place with 16 percent is Gail Huff Brown, wife of ex-Sen. Scott Brown, who was ambassador to New Zealand under Trump.

During one debate, she told Mowers: “Matt, you are a fraud.”

Karoline calls him, among other things, “Backdoor Matt,” with subheads referring to him as “Jersey Boy,” “Fauci Foot Soldier,” and “Big Pharma Bro.”

Tonight at 6, all the candidates for the House and Senate will get two uninterrupted minutes on my show to make their final pitches to the voters. Come one, come all.

In the meantime, check out Karoline in the spin room after a recent debate.

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