NH Court DENIES bail reconsideration for MSP Sgt. Bryan Erickson

It looks like Sgt. Bryan Erickson of the Massachusetts State Police will continue to spend 30(+) days in the hole after his arrest in January.

Rockingham County Superior Court Judge Martin Honigberg denied a Motion to Reconsider Regarding Bail on Friday, February 19. The Court announced the decision Tuesday morning.

In his decision, Judge Honigberg noted the Court had “found supervised release would not be appropriate,” denying the reconsideration request for bail.

Judge Honigberg had ordered Erickson be held without bail on February 15 after taking the weekend to mull over the two-day long evidentiary hearing that had taken place before the Presidents’ Day weekend.

Erickson’s attorney, Hank Brennan, submitted the Motion to Reconsider following Judge Honigberg’s initial decision, with the State of New Hampshire objecting to the request.

Sgt. Erickson is due in Rockingham County Superior Court on March 25 for a Dispositional Conference.

Both documents, including Judge Honigberg’s denial, can be read in full below.

Motion to Reconsider Order Regarding Bail 2/18/21

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