New Year prediction, COVID will fade once it starts hurting Dems

COVID will soon be in the rear-view mirror, although maybe not immediately. But like an old soldier, it’s going to fade away.

I will only make one prediction for the New Year:

COVID will soon be in the rear-view mirror, although maybe not immediately. But like an old soldier, it’s going to fade away.

I say this because I follow the science – political science.

The fact is, COVID is no longer useful to the Democrat party. In fact, it’s going to be a complete drag on their prospects in the 2022 mid-term elections if they can’t make it disappear.

Ipso facto, COVID is about to do the Houdini. Its only purpose was to get rid of Donald Trump. Mission accomplished!

Now it’s just a distraction from spiraling inflation, the supply-chain crisis, violent crime, border chaos, $4-a-gallon gasoline, transgenderism and all those other winning issues the Democrats will be proudly campaigning on next fall.

As for the Panic, the only thing left to do for the Democrats is to declare victory and get out – as Sen. George Aiken, the last great senator from Vermont, advised LBJ to do in Vietnam way back in 1966.

In retrospect, that was some good advice, wasn’t it?

Dementia Joe Biden remembers George Aiken – they served together in the US Senate, and Aiken was born in 1892. That’s how ancient Dementia Joe is.

The problem is that millions of Democrats are bitter clingers. They want to hang onto that old-time religion. They’re Branch Covidians, as they say on-line. Karens. Dead-enders.

The teachers’ unions, for instance, have grown accustomed to those long winter vacations in the islands. For almost everyone in the public sector, judges included, life is so much more pleasant when you’re “working” from home.

But it’s not so great if you have a real job, and children. Look at what happened in Virginia. It wasn’t CRT that killed Terry McAuliffe, it was the closed schools.

But Democrat freeloaders and deadbeats can’t let go of those good old days of getting paid not to work, living rent free, no student loans, extra welfare for “families” and a huge bump in food stamps.

To keep the grift going, every day we get a new round of apocalyptic headlines and grim milestones. It’s like the movie Groundhog Day — the exact same thing repeats itself, again and again.

This week, it’s reported that “researchers” for the CDC are now recommending what they call “circuit breakers” for areas with high infections of whatever the latest Greek-letter panic variant is.

The experts, so-called, suggest shutting down alleged high-risk activities like indoor dining, non-essential work, etc., etc.

But don’t worry — the shutdowns would be totally temporary and “would be unlikely to be necessary for longer than 14 days in order to achieve the stated objective.”

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Fifteen days to flatten the curve, anyone?

But they can’t quit cold turkey. This was the headline on the front page of the Palm Beach Post yesterday: “As COVID cases surge, Dems Blame DeSantis.”

Haven’t they tried all of this before, whether it’s blaming DeSantis or the 15 days to flatten the curve? And beyond getting rid of Trump, none of it has ever worked.

Isn’t the definition of insanity doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result?

Don’t tell The New York Times. This was their page-one headline yesterday: “As Omicron Spreads, Officials Ponder What It Means to Be Fully Vaccinated.”

Wouldn’t it be more productive if officials were pondering why so many of the fully vaccinated are coming down with omicron, the anagram of which is “moronic,” just as the anagram of pandemic is “Dem panic?”

Who’s even reading these panic-porn stories anymore? And the Democrat media wonder why their audiences are plummeting.

I was talking yesterday to someone in law enforcement who’s been suspended, without pay. He said he and his wife can’t believe his career is being destroyed because he won’t get a jab that apparently isn’t protecting any of their friends from testing positive (which as we all now know is very different from getting sick, let alone dying).

He’s merely suspended right now, not yet fired, so another branch of Gov. Charlie Parker’s rancid regime is balking at paying him unemployment.

And before he even applies for a temp job at, say, Home Depot, he would have to get an okay from “The Job.” Because if he doesn’t get one, The Job could then fire him for insubordination, and not have to worry about a First Amendment lawsuit down the road over denying him a religious exemption to the jab.

So basically they’ve rendered this guy, who has a spotless record, unemployable until further notice … or until he submits.

Now the rebellion spreads to the City of Boston, but if you criticize Mayor Michelle Wu’s vaccine mandate for city workers, you are branded a) racist, b) misogynist or c) both.

Ironically, many of the blow-ins screaming the “R” word are the same crowd that wants to get rid of the exams at Boston Latin because Asian students are performing too well on them. Thus, for the crime of working hard and over-achieving, Asian students must be considered white, and that’s not racist, not when your noble goal is destroying Boston Latin.

All COVID all the time is not a winning strategy for anybody except the Faucists. Even Dr. Fauci is reduced that saying “Yeah, but …” As in, “Yeah, sure it’s not that serious, but …”

But after 55 years at the public trough, Fauci won’t go gently into that good night, even with a pension of $350,000 a year. So the Fauci Follies must go on, even though the audiences are walking out in droves.

Do the Democrats believe the voters want the schools shut down again so the teachers’ endless vacations can resume? Do the Democrats want no elective surgeries in the hospitals because thousands of health care workers have been fired … for what reason?

Where is George Aiken now that we really need him?

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