New mantra for midterms … the economy is senile!

“It’s the economy, senile.”

Cat food at the Dollar Store was $4.79, now $7.99!

“It’s the economy, stupid.”

That was accepted political wisdom back in the Clinton era. But now a different president has been installed, and it is time for a new mantra for the midterms.

“It’s the economy, senile.”

The Democrats fantasize about riding abortion to victory in November. Of course, they’ve also been hitching their hopes to promoting transgenderism, the grooming of 5-year-olds, an invasion of criminal illegal immigrants, cheap fentanyl, critical race theory, the deindustrialization of America, etc.

Democrats’ dreams, Americans’ nightmares.

Let’s check in with my listeners and texters to see what’s bothering them — mostly inflation, shrinkflation and just the overall Biden fundamental transformation of America into Venezuela North.

We call this segment “Let’s Go Brandon.”

From area code 774: “One year ago at Trader Joe’s a lime was 29 cents. Today $1.25.”

From 978: “Turkey tips at Market Basket formerly $3.99, today $6.99. Thanks Brandon.”

From 617: “Cafe in Dennis lobster roll $24 last summer. This year $38.”

From 802: “9 Lives 12-pack cat food at the Dollar Store was $4.79, now $7.99.”

From 508: “$4.49 for Klondike Bars, $3.39 six months ago. Bad Brandon!”

From 603: “Got sausage biscuit from McDonald’s $1.39. Added cheese $1.19. A buck-twenty for a slice of cheese.”

Democrats used to claim to be the party of the working classes. Now they represent only the non-working classes. If you have a trust fund or you’re on welfare — and most Democrats are essentially in one category or the other — what do you care about inflation?

Food stamps went up 21 percent a year or so ago. Social Security … not so much. The difference is, people on food stamps tend to be deadbeats — illegals, junkies, the shiftless, that is to say, Brandon voters.

For welfare-Americans, to update Woody Guthrie, Brandon World is a paradise to live in or see/But believe or not/you won’t find it so hot/If you ain’t got the EBT.

I took a call from Bangor, from a guy named Toby who likes to take his young daughter to the local Dairy Queen for a milk shake. But one Sunday night it was closed, so he drove on to the nearest McDonald’s.

“It was $4.99 for a McFlurry,” Toby said. “I told her enjoy it, because it was going to be the last one for a while.”

Another Maine listener texted in: “At least she didn’t ask for M&M’s on top of it. That would have made it $5.79.”

From 508: “ ‘Dollar’ meals are now ‘value’ meals. And they now cost $2 and up.”

From 413: “Small family market in Greenfield. Today lamb chops cost $20.99 lb. Lobster pieces $50.99.”

From 509: “There is no sriracha here in Spokane and according to news reports there will be none until September. P.S. I am not a hipster.”

From 912: “My 51-oz. can of Folgers coffee I used to get on sale at Costco for $6.29 is now 47 ounces and it costs $14.47.”

Farmer Jon from Connecticut: “Weekly fertilizer update: nitrogen $1004 a ton. Up slightly from $600 last year. Thanks Plugs.”

From 617: “Hellman’s mayonnaise, $7.49 a jar.”

From 207: “Large potato chips ‘on sale.’ 2 for $7.”

Charlie in Phoenix: “$18.75 for a 2½-lb. fryer chicken at Fry’s. Thanks Brandon.”

From 857: “Let’s go Brandon — $7 for a load of Dave’s raisin bread.”

From 207: “I started my own landscaping company May 2020 & spent $363 for gas & $930 in May 2022 w/the same number of customers.”

From 617: “I have PTSD after filling up my heating oil tank — $1071.59 for 174 gallons.”

Mark: “Just got a notice from my power company. Cost is going from 10.7 cents per kilowatt hour to 22 cents.”

Let’s get the beer round-up next.

From 508: “$12 for a bottled beer at the new Polar Park in Worcester.”

From 407: “6 beers at hockey game in Springfield Friday night. $48 plus tip.”

From 919: “$9 for a beer on Jet Blue. Used to be $5.”

Have you tried to buy a car lately? Or even get one fixed?

From 606: “Need a new gas filter for my Ranger pick-up. Garage ordered it 4 weeks ago – still no delivery date.”

From 978: “I’m supposed to get a new truck at work. My co. was told they won’t see it until next year at the earliest.”

This was not the way state-run promised it would be under Dementia Joe Biden. The card-carrying fellow travelers with press passes promised a return to normalcy. Apparently their idea of normalcy is the Jimmy Carter error, er, era, only on steroids.

One of my listeners subscribes to a free daily newsletter from economist Stephen Moore. Moore sent out a link to a November 2020 column from crackpot leftist trustafarian Paul Krugman. It was headlined:

“Making the Most of the Coming Biden Boom.”

This is the same guy who in 2016 predicted that Trump’s election would lead to a depression. If you want to make money, go short on whatever Krugman is predicting, and long on whatever he says won’t occur.

Let’s close with another old political saying, this one often repeated at rallies by Donald J. Trump during his prosperous interregnum.

“Are you tired of winning yet?”

You only need to change one word in that question during the catastrophe that is Dementia Joe Biden:

“Are you tired of losing yet?”

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