[MUST WATCH] Morning Joe’s Snobbiest Moment Yet?

The Dems true colors are really coming out after Trump’s SOTU last night. And by true colors, I mean snobby attitudes and prejudices.

There used to be a time (maybe it is part of a bygone era) when people had respect for hard work. When jobs like farming, that are tough and often thankless, were not looked down upon.

Apparently, to Elise Jordan–this type of job is just material. Something used to mock and discredit a person’s ability.

She doesn’t “trust” Devin Nunes because he was a dairy farmer. To repeat that, she tries to demean the man for having a REAL job.

My father once told me, “there is dignity in all work.”

You see, my dad has worked as everything from a shoe salesman to a stock trader. He has known what it means to work and even more importantly, he has known what it means to be out of work. If he ever heard me disparage someone like that (on national TV nonetheless), he would be so disappointed. Because, as I’m sure he’d tell me, I’ve clearly missed the point. It isn’t about the fancy title or the amount of money one makes. Work is about trying hard, showing up and being dependable even on days when you’d rather mail it in.

I’m sure Elise surrounds herself with plenty of “analysts” and “pundits”. She might serve herself well to add some diversity to her lunch table in the MSNBC cafeteria. Some “dairy farmers” might just be able to teach Elise a thing or two.

Keep it up Dems. You are connecting with the working class more and more everyday.

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