Musings on the Boston-area brothel johns and other news

Is Fox News’ Murdoch thinking Nikki Haley for wife #5?

With a nod to Jimmy Cannon, nobody asked me but:

When you first heard about the “high end brothel” and the secret list of johns that the feds refuse to release, what was the first name that came to your mind?

Speaking of which, when are we going to find out the name of the local billionaire that the skanky hooker from Stoughton was convicted of trying to shake down back in 2009?

Asking for a friend….

Whatever happened to local TV news?

Ditto, magazines.

If Rich Shertenlieb is thinking of jumping to WEEI, I have three words for him:

“Don’t do it!”

Suicide would be a better option, although you could say that working for Entercom, er, Audacy, is a form of suicide – career suicide.

Atty. Gen. Andrea J. Campbell’s middle name is “Joy.”

Which is exactly what she delivered to the legislative leadership when she pretty much nixed Auditor Diana DiZoglio’s ballot question to audit the legislature.

Now can the AG bring the rest of us some joy by finally filing criminal charges against the bust-out GOP loser hacks who have played so fast and loose with the state’s campaign-finance laws?

The way Fox News and the Murdoch newspapers gushing over Nikki Haley, it’s enough to make you wonder if Rupert is sizing her up as Wife Number 5.

Maybe that fifth trip down the aisle at age 92 will be the charm.

Mike Dukakis turned 90 last week – his state pension is $36,414 a year.

Billy Bulger turns 90 next February – his state pension is $273,759 a year.

Nobody ever said life was fair.

Memo to lame-duck City Councilor Kendra Lara: Now you can flop back into public housing, or just move to Somerville once and for all.

Three words the Board of Bar Overseers must never try to sweep under the rug: Ricky Ricardo Arroyo.

Sen. Joe Manchin – he was always there when you didn’t need him.

Now he’ll be forming an exploratory committee, because he’s being urged to run for president by blue-ribbon panels, so he’s going on a listening tour and will soon be forming an exploratory committee…. Did I miss any cliches?

The only way the cops will ever release the client list of the “high-end” Cambridge brothel is if one of the names on it is “Trump.”

Or maybe they’ll drop the names right after the release of the client lists of the Hollywood madam, the Mayflower madam and the DC madam, not to mention Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log and the Nashville transgender shooter’s manifesto.

Old way of paying a bribe: put cash in an envelope, hand to corrupt cop/politician.

New way of paying a bribe: write “loan repayment” on memo line of check.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have got to go.

Headline on a 2015 Boston Globe puff piece about Democrat Marilyn Mosby: “Baltimore prosecutor’s zest for justice began in Boston.”

Headline this week (except in the Globe which ignored it): “Mosby convicted on two perjury counts in federal trial.”

Boston Globe, how do you suppose that “zest for justice” is working out for your latest affirmative-action crush?

Monica Cannon-Grant and Rachael Rollins could not be reached for comment.

Please, I’m begging the Supreme Court – allow TV cameras in all courtrooms.

Those sketchpad clowns in the Trump state trial have less artistic talent than Hunter Biden, if that’s possible.

Ancient newsreader Diane Sawyer just sold her 20-acre oceanfront spread on Martha’s Vineyard for $23.9 million.

But but…. what about the illegal aliens, Diane?

What’s the over-under on the number of Harvard students who signed the Palestine Solidarity Committee’s pro-genocide letter a month ago and have since dropped out to return to the tunnels in Gaza to take up arms against the IDF?

If the over-under is one, I’ll take the under.

There’s an old saying that you should be nice to the people you meet on the way up because you’re going to meet them again on the way down.

Did Bill Belichick ever get that memo?

You know the Patsies are going bad when, for the first time in living memory, some sports-page fan boys are predicting that the team is going to lose a game.

Didn’t I read that immediately after City Councilor-elect Enrique Pepen had to quit his $120,000-a-year hack job last summer as a City Hall coat holder for Mayor Wu, his father was hired onto the city payroll to replace him?

Another nationwide search!

Does anyone really care whether Gov. Maura “Hold It” Healey is in-state or on yet another fabulous junket to some sunny place for shady people?

All we ask is that she makes the trains run on time.

Whenever I see anyone driving by themselves in a car wearing a mask, two words come immediately to mind:

Biden voter.

Every time the cops lug some Hitler Youth at MIT or Brown or UPenn rallying for genocide against Israel, I only want to know two things about them:

Their names. And their SAT scores.

Just call it my own personal zest for justice.

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