Much of the same from MA GOP

2022 could well be a banner year for GOP candidates across the country, possibly even in Massachusetts.

Yet any hopes for GOP gains in the Bay State could be in serious jeopardy because of what has become routine infighting and scandal within the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.

Since 1982, when John Lakian lied about his background and military service, forcing him to end his promising candidacy for governor, to the present infighting among GOP state and executive committee members, local Republicans have more often than not been their own worst enemies. (Lakian, by the way, is now in federal prison at age 78.)

Anyway, the decades-long civil war among Massachusetts Republicans continues to dampen the chances of any potential GOP comeback in this state.

We know that things are ripe for the GOP when even Mike Dukakis, the former governor and failed presidential candidate, warns that defunding the police is the wrong message for Democrats to be sending.

Polls suggest that over 80 percent of the electorate is rejecting Critical Race Theory. Democrats are even offending soccer moms by advocating that transgender men should be allowed to compete in women’s sports, crushing the athletic dreams of their daughters. Then there’s the inflation that has begun draining the purses, wallets and retirement plans of American workingmen and women. This all paints a clear picture of just how far down the rabbit hole Democrats have been pushed by the socialist left.

With all the mistakes Democrats are making, all of which are eroding the public trust, the state GOP is currently more obsessed with its own internecine disputes than with seizing the opportunity to provide sensible alternatives for the electorate.

The Mass GOP should refocus its efforts on recruiting quality candidates instead of taking the bait of a few fat-cat RINO donors and the Boston Globe. It should use its energy to help elect more Republican office holders in Massachusetts, at every level.

The state party should be expending its energy on reminding voters that the GOP can provide checks and balances to the one-party rule that has proven so calamitous to Massachusetts over the decades.

Let’s roll!