MSNBC’s Fire Dumpster of a Day – Tweet Beat – 11.10.20

Mainstream media pundits are always giving us plenty of content for #TweetBeat, but it isn’t usually all from one network.

Thanks to MSNBC, today’s show will not only be easy- it will be hilarious.

Worst Tweet of the Day

Give it up for Joy Reid.

The responses to this very incorrect tweet are A+.

Also on MSNBC…

But wait…there’s more.

Moving on from MSNBC…The Smooth Transition


Speaking of the Trump administration…

Well said Mr. President.

The Party of Decency and Unity is at it again!

If it weren’t for double standards– well, you know the rest.

Grace’s Sport Moment of the Day

WOW! I don’t know a lot about golf–but that was awesome.

Lincoln Project continues to sink lower and lower and…

Ben Rhodes Outdoes Himself

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