Most are hacks, but who are we to judge?

No one would ever claim that every single Massachusetts state judge is corrupt, stupid and/or a total failure in the private practice of law.

The problem is, it’s that 98 percent of the lawless, sticky-fingered black-robed banditos who give such a bad name to the legitimate 2 percent of the state judiciary.

But when Massachusetts voters elect a Republican governor, they expect at least a slightly higher ethical standard when appointing these vile, pablum-puking entitled hacks. But if the “Republican” governor is Charlie Baker, better known as Tall Deval, all bets are off.

Just ask corrupt District Court judge Shelley M. Richmond Joseph.

She was weeping the buckets as she fled the federal courthouse Thursday afternoon after being indicted by a grand jury for obstruction of justice. Boo-hoo-hoo.

Judge, did you ever hear the old song – “Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time.” A little background: Tall Deval was seeking reelection in 2017. Running in this blue state, he needed to defang deranged Democrats in the hackerama desperate for six-figure state sinecures to make up for their abject failures in the Dreaded Private Sector.

Enter Shelley M. Richmond Joseph, Brookline moonbat, one-time Democrat State Committee member, longtime coat holder to hack Democrat pols at the State House. She has since moved to Natick, a nice town, very chi-chi and alt-left, at least on the south side.

But seriously, if Shelley and her law partner hubby were making the big bucks, would they have ever relocated from the la-de-da People’s Republic of Brookline to Natick?

So Joseph gets the judgeship, in November 2017. It was yet another of those read-between-the-lines messages to the moonbat left: Tall Deval may be a RINO, but he’s really one of us, wink wink nudge nudge.

Once they get the judicial robes, these bust-out lawyers always forget how they got their part-time $185,000-a-year jobs. They come to believe that God appointed them, and that therefore they now enjoy the divine right… of hack state judges.

You know the rest of the story. Her equally lackluster defenders, the usual suspects – out-of-state blow-in drifters at the failing Globe, septuagenarian Hillary Clinton Yale law school classmate Nancy Gertner, AG Maura “Hold It” Healey (who lives in Charlestown with a female appeals court judge 11 years her senior) – all of these PC bottom feeders claim that the Brookline gal was well within her rights to obstruct justice to free an illegal Dominican drug dealer/drunk driver.

Rights? Riiiiiight. As one of the posters to Hold It Healey’s Facebook page told her Friday, if this leftist hack Democrat judge really believed was operating within the law, why did she order the courtroom tape recorder turned off before she cut loose the illegal Dominican career criminal?

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the “opioid crisis,” not to mention the “war on women” and the Mothers Against Drunk Driving? Where was the traditional MADD picket line when Judge Joseph cut the Dominican career criminal/drunk driver loose?

This was a twice-deported illegal with at least 13 different identities – is “identity theft” now a crime only when committed by Americans? How many EBT cards do you suppose the Dominican coke dealer obtained with those 13 false identities?

Now it’s 2019, Tall Deval is reelected to another four years, so it’s time to get back to taking care of the friends of Baker and his lieutenant governor, Karyn Polito Rodolakis. First she gets her sister-in-law Kathryn Hand Rodolakis from tony Osterville down on the Cape a judgeship. Her husband, the brother of Karyn’s husband Steve Rodolakis, gave both Karyn and her boss Charlie Baker $500 on Sept. 30, 2016.

Another nationwide search!

On Wednesday, Karyn’s BFF from her third-rate law school will be rubber stamped as clerk magistrate of the Cambridge District Court.

Sharon Shelfer Casey got her first state job in January 2015, when Karyn became lieutenant governor. Her husband gave Tall Deval $1000 in 2017. Can someone say nationwide search?

Safely reelected, Tall Deval is back to nominating the occasional GOP hack. Take Gregory White of Boylston – please, take him. Age 61, White is the typical couldn’t-make-it-in-the-private-sector hack lawyer who desperately needs a judgeship.

He’s been donating to likely governors since at least 2006. He gave Tall Deval a grand in 2014, and hedged his bets by handing Marsha Coakley $250. A Democrat candidate for DA in Worcester in 2002, he flipped to the GOP and was elected to the Boylston Republican Town Committee in 2016.

He also duked $200 to his local governor’s councilor – the sole Republican – which is a sure sign that a lawyer is starving to death and desperate for the black robes.

As soon as Tall Deval took office, White grabbed a hack state job – at the Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation. No heavy lifting, just a heavy paycheck ($131,530 a year).

On March 20, Tall Deval nominates White for a Superior Court judgeship. Four weeks later, the nomination is pulled, even though White had begun calling the governor’s councilors who would have been voting to confirm him.

In his April 18 letter to Tall Deval, the hack White said he had terminated his “two-year” quest for early retirement to better care for his elder brother, whom he described as a quadriplegic.

Even more bizarrely, on April 5, White resigned from his hack state job. Let me get this straight: he stopped going after a $185,000-a-year part-time state job as a hack judge, behind which comes the $130,000 pension, and then quit his $131,530-a-year 50-week-a-year sinecure as a payroll patriot in the corrupt Baker-Polito regime?

Doesn’t make any sense whatsoever, but the bottom line is, Greg White, lifelong payroll patriot, will never be a hack state judge.

Oh well, all I can say to “Judge” White is that “Judge” Joseph feels your pain. Because she’ll never be a judge again either.

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