More Mob Photos related to the Salemme trial [GALLERY]

Raymond L.S. Patriarca, boss of La Cosa Nostra in New England, “the Man.”

Whitey and Stevie eating bananas, Lancaster Street garage, early 1980’s. (MSP surveillance photo)

Stevie a few years ago, in basically the same outfit he wore to court this week.

Olga Davis: Deb’s mother, Stevie told her he was hiring a p.i. to find her. “I couldn’t very well tell her what I’d done, could I?”

Arthur “Bucky” Barrett’s last driver’s license. “I liked him,” Flemmi said. He pleaded guilty to murdering him.

Punchy McLaughlin’s MSP death sheet: Stevie murdered the Charlestown hood in 1965 and Stevie drove the getaway car, Stevie testified.

John Callahan: Stevie pleaded guilty to his 1982 murder in Florida.

Flemmi took his stepdaughter/lover Deb Hussey shopping before Whitey strangled her 1985.

The last driver’s license of Steve DiSarro, whom Salemme is accused of murdering in 1993.

Jimmy Sims was one of the original leaders of the Winter Hill Gang; vanished in late 1980’s.

The third Flemmi brother — Michael, a crooked BPD cop.

Flemmi and Salemme bombed lawyer John Fitzgerald’s car in Everett 1968; Fitzgerald survived.

Deb Davis, Flemmi’s girlfriend: after Whitey strangled her, Stevie used pliers to extract her teeth to prevent ID.

Flemmi pleaded guilty to the murder of Roger Wheeler in Tulsa OK 1981.

Red Assad: Flemmi testified that he strangled Thomas Timmons at Frank Salemme’s house 1968.

Flemmi’s older brother “Jimmy the Bear,” dead of drug overdose 1979.

Surveillance photo: Stevie Flemmi, Frank Salemme and George Kaufman leaving Longwood Automotive, Allston.

Surveillance photo: the boys lounging in Brookline, l-r, Steve DiSarro, Frank Salemme Jr., Thomas Hillary and Frank Salemme Sr. (Man in green is passer by)

Surveillance photo, Charles Hotel, Harvard Square, l-r, Frank Salemme, Stevie Flemmi, Frankie Salemme Jr., and Louis “Baby Shanks” Manocchio, Rhode Island Mafia boss.

Surveillance photo at Castle Island: Frank Salemme, on right, Bobby “the Cigar” DeLuca, Rhode Island rat.

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