Morally Vacant Women (and Men) Shout Obscenities at Empty Statehouse

The Massachusetts Statehouse is closed on Saturdays. That didn’t keep the feminazis from shouting at the empty building about genitalia last weekend. Donned a “Women’s Wave,” the spectacle stemmed from a national call by Big Abortion lobbyist organization Women’s March to put boots on the ground ahead of the midterm election.

First, I must note that “Women’s Wave” did not accurately describe this display. Likewise, most women’s marches are not limited to women. There is usually a significant number of men who think they are women, cartoonishly appropriating women’s style and culture. Then there are the slimy men who know that they benefit most from abortion and show up—oozing with political activism and equity worship—to woo a social justice warrior.


I’ve witnessed enough protests, demonstrations, and other rituals of hullabaloo to confidently analyze the makeup of these groups. I have confidently concluded, if you spend your Saturday afternoon shouting at the empty statehouse about legal and accessible abortion in a state where any idea suggesting otherwise is quickly dismissed by both elected Democrats and Republicans, you fit in one of three categories:

1. You have absolutely nothing—and I mean nothing— better to be doing. But there are a million and one other, better things to be doing, so this is likely not the case.

2. You are entirely ignorant of what “Abortion on demand and without apology” means. This was true of one protestor who spoke to me last weekend. While he was quick to assure me of his unwavering support for “total accessibility” to abortion, the idea of abortion at 39 weeks threw him off-kilter until his pro-abortion comrade—also male—came to pull him away from me.

“Do I believe in abortion through the ninth month? So…like…there’s a medical reason for that, at that point?”

“Do you believe only in medical reasoning for abortion?” I heckled. “Or do you believe any woman should have access?”

“No, no. People should be able to get abortions because they want to get abortions.”

“Through the ninth month? The day before the baby’s due?”

“That’s called…that’s actually giving birth. You cannot abort at that point.”

“Not if she doesn’t want the baby,” I explained. Currently, seven states have codified unlimited access to abortion. No matter how developed and for any reason.

“I believe in a woman’s right to choose…at any point.” Flustered, he slipped here and forgot to call women “people.”

“So the day before the baby’s due,” I hammered again. “If you believe in no limits on abortion, then that’s okay.”

“I don’t think…I don’t think this is…this is not a correct situational…that’s not…I don’t think we should…”

Too bad his buddy rescued him. I felt like we were really getting somewhere.

Now, I will presume, hope, and pray that most Women’s Marchers fit into Category 2 like that guy. Relatively innocent in their ignorance, once he sees an ultrasound, or looks up what abortion does to a baby, there is hope for him. He might spend future Saturday afternoons more fruitfully.


But then there’s Category 3. Full knowledge. Militant moral bankruptcy. Weekend calendar cleared because the idea of letting the soul fester among other subscribers of slaughtering the pre-born sounds much more appealing than apple picking or pumpkin patching or anything joyful, frankly.

Like I said, I want to give these marchers the benefit of the doubt, so I wasn’t expecting to meet a Category 3 last Saturday. But I sure did—a mother of two in her late thirties. What she had to say about exterminating disabled children was almost as bad as her desire to have killed her own mother.

“Children that won’t progress…children that are severely disabled…What kind of life is that? There’s no quality of life just to have it born, just to have it sit and do nothing. It’s not a quality of life…And when you have a disabled child, that’s your life. Those other children? Sorry, guys, your little brother or sister takes all of my time.”

Eugenics: check.

“I had my mom live in a wheelchair for three years,” she continued. “Incapacitated and nonverbal. And it was hell.”

I didn’t ask her opinion on euthanizing the elderly, but she was eager to tell me anyway.

“I wish I could have ended her life with assisted suicide because it was pure hell to go visit her and see her in that condition day in and day out knowing it’s costing $15,000 a day…but if I could have given her a cyanide pill, I would have.”

Matricide: check.

It’s hard to fathom these people exist. People whose school of thought approves exterminating inconvenient, expensive, or time-consuming human beings. An ideology directly threatening the most vulnerable: the unborn, the elderly, and the disabled. It’s cancerous to society, and thanks to Women’s March, it’s permeating the public square.

And yet, in the most twisted, morbid way, these are the people that will help end the evil. (Bear with me.)

Most human beings are not void of morality. A comment about killing the debilitated wouldn’t exactly jazz even most pink-haired progressives. This woman unravels the madness that is Leftism by publicly exclaiming where this erasure of human dignity actually ends: extermination of the unwanted by the most powerful.

When a light is shone on her views, more people wake up. More people back away. If you seek logic and consistency, you’ll ultimately find yourself holding her views or in the ProLife movement. A human life is either expendable or precious.

Let this woman spew her horrible takes. Just keep her far away from a maternity ward or a nursing home.



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