Monday Tweet Beat: Biden calls a lid – 10.19.20

There are only 15 days left until the 2020 election. Needless to say, social media is on fire. Let’s get to it.


According to reports, former VP Joe Biden is already calling a lid until THURSDAY. This guy has more lids than a peanut butter factory. If you are wondering why he might be calling a lid this close to Election Day, it could have something to do with…

MSM reluctantly starts asking some Hunter questions…

Joe Biden has been treated with kid gloves since he entered the race. In fact, the media and Big Tech are so #TeamBiden that he is left furious when one of his reporters steps out of line. FYI Joe– CBS News isn’t known for being particularly tough on Democrats.

Milkshake Meltdown

After the “journalists” asked Biden about what flavor of milkshake he ordered, they moved on to less important questions.

Biden feels the same way about the Hunter story as he does about Supreme Court packing— the voters don’t deserve an answer.

P.S. — The scariest part of this clip is the reporters laughing when Biden rebukes them. They should be livid that Biden refuses to answer any serious questions 15 days before the election. But they are so smitten by his “decency” and his milkshake choices that they can’t be bothered to care.

Thursday’s Debate

Just when you think the mainstream media can’t come up with someone more partisan than the Mooch’s BFF Steve Scully or Chuck Wallace— NBC News reporter Kristen Welker comes along. Who was negotiating the debate terms for Team Trump? This lady makes Savannah Guthrie look moderate.

Warren is on the War Path

To be fair to Liz Warren, this crowd is at least three times the size of Joe’s Arizona rally.

The pandemic takes a pause?

Do pink hats ward off the coronavirus? Asking for a friend.


I wonder if part of the reason we will be making less dough is because we’ll have to fork over half our salaries to the “Big Guy”. And no– I don’t mean Uncle Sam. I mean Uncle Joe.

Masterpiece Theatre

I am a thespian and also a big fan of the Sopranos so this was truly a dream scene for me. Best supporting actor goes to Howie Carr. You might know him from A Civil Action where he co-starred alongside John Travolta. He brags about his residuals check almost monthly.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to tune in for the show today at 3 PM!

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