Monday Musings: Who’s The Biggest Hack Of All?

Monday musings:

Beware the Ides of March!

Is there a bigger, more duplicitous hack anywhere than the 65-inch high octogenarian multimillionaire Anthony Fauci?

This $416,000-a-year payroll patriot has been slurping at the federal trough since Johnson (Lyndon, not Andrew) was president.

But Fauci can’t get enough of these Sunday-morning chat shows, which nobody under the age of 80 watches, but then, he’s 80, so it’s what his nursing-home contemporaries do.

He had to get up early yesterday anyway, to move the clocks forward, so he wouldn’t miss the early-bird special at Red Lobster.

So he goes on with CNN’s very Fake Jake Tapper, and immediately calls him “Chuck,” as in Chuck Todd. Understandable, considering Tapper ‘n’ Todd are practically identical Democrat typists in every way, but nonetheless embarrassing, like Brezhnev back in the day mixing up in the editors of Pravda and Izvestia.

First, Fauci announces it’s now only necessary to “social distance” 3 feet, rather than the previous 6 feet.

Typical – first Fauci said it was ridiculous to wear a mask, then he claimed it was absolutely mandatory to wear one, even at home, or by yourself while driving or walking outside, and then it was two masks, and now it’s… ah, what the hell, whatever gets you through the night.

Then Fauci says Trump should tell the Deplorables to get vaccine shots – as if it’s Trump who frightened the feeble-minded low-info voters, who are 90 percent Democrat. It was Kamala Harris who said she wouldn’t get a shot, not Mike Pence.

In other news, whatever happened to David Hogg’s new pillow company?

For the record, Massachusetts still has the fifth highest unemployment rate in the US, although you’d never know if you rely on the bought-and-paid-for Democrat stenographers in the Boston media.

Here are the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers updated March 5: Number one in unemployment, Hawaii 10.3 percent, followed by California, 9.3 percent, New York 8.7 percent, New Mexico 8.6 percent and – drum roll please – Massachusetts 8.5 percent.

The first state with a (real) Republican governor on the list is Texas, which is 14th in unemployment.

Great job, Charlie Parker!

Why are the illegal aliens invading our Southern border? We all know the answer – cue the famous song from West Side Story.

Everything Free in America.

But the Democrats are having a hard time, once again, keeping their Big Lies straight.

On Sunday on another chat-show for 80-somethings, 80-year-old Pelosi said all these unskilled, illiterate, non-English-speaking super spreaders are fleeing droughts. 

Last week at the White House Jen Psaki said they were fleeing hurricanes. (Which is it – they’re very different weather phenomena, are they not?) 

Another Biden hack claimed it was “tornadoes,” rather than the prospect of free stuff, driving the undocumented Democrats north.

Also last week, Psaki said the Third World crime wave headed towards civilization was fleeing “prosecution.” Which is to a large extent true, although she probably meant to say “persecution,” but is just too ignorant to know the difference.

What if they threw a Grammys and nobody watched?

Oh, that happened last night? Again? Never mind.

Charlie Parker has just murdered another of my favorite restaurants – Peet’s Coffee, in Wellesley Square.

Great spot, walking distance from my place, good cross-section of customers, heavily SJW’s but you could wear a MAGA hat and not be shunned. (It’s where we recruited the guy who played Whitey in the Dirty Rats podcasts.)

In the good weather, I used to take Mr. Gooner down there every morning in his/her stroller.

Peets also had much better coffee than Starbucks, which goes without saying I guess.

After 20 years, Peets is being replaced by a bank, just what we need more of in Wellesley. (Not.)

Last year, during the height of the Panic, they were hassled unmercifully by the hacks from Town Hall, told they couldn’t move chairs from inside to the outside, because that would somehow… something. 

Like everything else, it made no sense except as another notch on Charlie Parker’s belt.

It’s St. Patrick’s Day week, and the good news is, once again there’s no breakfast at Halitosis Hall – saints preserve us!

The only good thing about the breakfast (other than providing enough material for a chapter in The Brothers Bulger and an excellent episode of the Dirty Rats podcast) was the Corrupt Midget’s annual reading from John Boyle O’Reilly’s poem, The Exile of the Gael:

“No treason we bring from Erin, nor bring we shame nor guilt!

The sword we hold may be broken, but we have not dropped the hilt!”

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

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