Monday Musings: The Mendacious Mainstream Media

Have you noticed how many more conservative postings on the Internet are written now under pseudonyms – people are really worried, and rightly so, about cancel culture.

Ron DeSantis of Florida is the best governor in the country, and ordering the state flags to fly at half-staff in honor of the late Rush Limbaugh is just the most recent example of his wise leadership, not to mention courage.

Have you noticed how many more conservative postings on the Internet are written now under pseudonyms – people are really worried, and rightly so, about cancel culture.

In the Carter presidency, even the liberal hack media ran what was called a “misery index” – the total of the rates of inflation and unemployment.

It was perfect, because along with the prime interest rate, gasoline lines, foreign policy humiliations, etc., it perfectly summed up the calamity that is any modern Democrat presidency.

So when does the Biden Misery Index begin to be reported?

Here’s a story from Florida last week that the alt-left media has been giving a good leaving-alone:

“TALLAHASSEE (AP) – A Florida man accused of trying to organize an armed response to supporters of former President Donald Trump for their expected gathering last month at the state Capitol has been indicted on federal charges….”

Repeat after me: Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

Last fall, in one of the debates, President Trump tore into Dementia Joe for his support of wind power, saying, “It’s very intermittent. It’s got a lot of problems.”

The Associated Press immediately ran a “fact check” saying POTUS’ “dismissal of wind power as a glitch, pricey, bird-slaughtering way to make electricity is out of step with the times.”

How factual is that AP “fact check” looking now, Texas?

This is Andrew Lelling’s last week as the US attorney in Massachusetts.

Once he’s gone, what’s the over-under on how long it will take Biden’s corrupt Justice Dept. to broom the indictment of Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph?

As you recall, she’s charged with letting an illegal alien Dominican career criminal (with a gun and cocaine in his possession at the time of his arrest) escape out the back door of the courthouse while ICE agents were waiting in the lobby to lug him and deport back to the Third World hellhole from which he came to terrorize law-abiding citizens.

Judge Joseph, for the record, was nominated for the bench by Gov. Charlie Parker after her meritorious services on the Democrat State Committee from Brookline – you can’t get much more Beautiful People than that!

The Commonwealth (i.e., you and me) paid for all of her legal bills ($100,000-plus) until she was indicted, after which her attorney took the case pro bono (pretty easy to do after you’ve already pocketed $100K).

Front-page headline in The New York Times last Tuesday: “COVID-Linked Syndrome in Children is Growing and Cases Are More Severe.”

Deep into the story, the Democrat stenographers with press passes admitted the cases of inflammatory damage are “rare.”

How rare are they, Gray Lady?

They are so rare that the cases that made page one of the Times amount to 2060 of the 27.7 million “cases,” itself a very vague term as we all know by now.

How rare is 2060 cases out of 27.7 million – they amount to eight-one-1000ths of one percent of all so-called cases.

This kind of very fake news is why the Northeast is still locked down, and yes, I’m talking to you too, Charlie Parker.

This is the same “newspaper,” by the way, that reported over and over and over again that the Capitol Police officer was “killed” or maybe even “murdered” by Trump supporters who on Jan. 6 hit him over the head with a fire extinguisher.

It was Very Fake News. They made it all up, out of thin air. It was the alt-left media’s latest Big Lie.

Finally, last week, the Times copped to the fact that its cop-murdered-by-insurrectionists fable was nothing more than a new Russian collusion hoax – but all the Times did in the way of a mea culpa was to issue an “update.”

Not a retraction. Not a correction. Not even a clarification.

Just an “update” – admitting all their previous stories about the death of the Capitol Police officer had been totally false.

How predictable – Saturday Night Live does a skit on Sen. Ted Cruz’s trip to Cancun, which was stupid but harmed no one, not even the family poodle Snowflake.

But the SNL hacks have yet to even mention Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s slaughter of thousands of nursing-home residents.

More news from Cuomo-land: since 2017, his state parole board has released 20 convicted cop killers.

Twenty cop killers, freed by Andrew Cuomo!

No wonder Kerry Kennedy cuckolded him with the polo player. Who could blame her?

I hadn’t read a Peggy Noonan column in the Wall Street Journal for years, since she became so insufferably smug in her groveling, slobbering attempts to protect her phony-baloney job by ingratiating herself to Rupert Murdoch’s woke billionaire daughters-in-law.

But Saturday, I saw the Journal headline “Rush Limbaugh’s Complicated Legacy” and against my better judgment gave Noonan a read.

Apropos the vile vitriol dished out against Rush after his passing by her fellow limousine liberals, Peg tut-tuts, “It’s not nice when malice gets a final, unanswered shot.”

Which is exactly what she then proceeds to deliver, hypocritically enough, in a 1000-word screech masquerading as an obituary, about someone she claims was a dear friend until he made her (you guessed it) a victim:

“He came to see me as an apostate and attacked me… His attacks turned personal: I was an elite fancy person, an establishment character of rarefied background who looked down on honest people like him and his listeners.”

You think Rush was the only of your ex-readers who figured out your flim-flam, Peggy?

The only thing that surprises me about Peggy Noonan these days is that she wasn’t in on the Lincoln Group grift with John Weaver et al.

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