Monday Musings: Pay-to-Play Polito’s new mansion goes against Climate Cult

Why is it that the more a politician screams about “global warming” and the imminent climate apocalypse, the more likely he or she is to own a multi-million-dollar oceanfront mansion?

Why is it that the more a politician screams about “global warming” and the imminent climate apocalypse, the more likely he or she is to own a multi-million-dollar oceanfront mansion – located in precisely one of the areas they insist will first be flooded in (pick one) 9, 11, or 12 years (or has already happened, in 2012, if you believe Al Gore circa 2002).

Latest two-faced hack: Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito, who just dropped $1.8 million on a seaside estate in Dartmouth.

This is the same Karyn Polito who is relentlessly promoting the so-called Transportation Climate Initiative (TCI). The TCI is an onerous tax on fossil fuels that she and her boss Gov. Charlie Parker dream of imposing without a vote by either the legislature or the general electorate.

The current state gasoline tax in 24 cents per gallon. According to one study by Tufts University, the Parker-Polito TCI tax could add another 38 cents per gallon to the state levy.

This, on top of the ever-increasing federal gasoline tax, not to mention the skyrocketing price of gasoline under the Biden junta’s demented plans to end American energy independence and once again make us dependent on Arab, Venezuelan and Russian (yes, Russian!) energy.

What could possibly go wrong? (Hint: think the Arab oil embargos and gasoline lines of the 1970’s, along with stagflation and “the misery index.”)

This TCI is the Parker-Polito regime’s assigned role to play in destroying the middle classes. As their loose-lipped $130,000-a-year undersecretary of climate change put it, the Polito scheme is designed to “turn the screws” on the working classes and “crush their will” by making it impossible to drive their cars or heat their homes.

Remember, Parker/Polito say they have to beggar the middle classes of Massachusetts in order to prevent the planet from being flooded.

But how much of a problem can ocean flooding be if “Pay to Play” Polito just shelled out $1.8 million for a mansion with five bedrooms, five baths and 4800 square feet on Ricketson’s Point, just “steps away from a private white sandy beach.”

And that’s only her summer home – she already owns another $1.5-million lakefront mansion on a family compound, a la the Corleones, in Shrewsbury.

The rules, and the belt-tightening, are for you, not Karyn. Remember her endless lectures during the Panic on the need for the unwashed to wear masks at all possible times, while she threw a kegger for her niece and nephew last spring, with no consideration whatsoever for her own ridiculous, unconstitutional edicts.

By the way, this is the same woman who likewise has zero considerations for her constituents who like to hunt and fish but can’t afford another of the Parker-Polito assaults on the working classes – jacking up the cost to go hunting from $57.70 a year to $185.

God, I hope Pay to Play runs for governor in the GOP primary next year. She will be absolutely destroyed.

That’s why she raising so much money from the absolute worst of the hackerama. On March 1, convicted felon House speaker Tom “Felon” Finneran gave Pay to Play $500, and the Felon’s wife Donna threw in another $200. This was after the Felon ponied up $200 in December and Donna chipped in another $300.

Fat Matt Amorello, the drunk slob ex-state senator, paid Pay to Play $1000 last December.

Marty Meehan, the $660,000+ career hack who runs ZooMass, gave Karyn $250.  Dan Conley, the former district attorney of Suffolk County, ponied up $200.

Conley’s a lobbyist now, and he got the golf courses open last spring even before the driving ranges were open. Perhaps his most famous move as DA was punting the alleged airline groping case against Charlie Parker’s son to the US attorney.

The US attorney has broomed the case against Gropey Baker.

And now Pay to Play has a nice oceanfront mansion, like her fellow climate crusaders Barack Obama and John Forbes Kerry, among countless others.

Do as they say, not as they do.

In other news, here is NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo last week on the multiple groping allegations against him. All dialogue guaranteed verbatim:

“You need to know facts. Now we could either debate facts in the media or we could let fact-finders find facts and then have an intelligent conversation uh on an agreed-to set of facts uh rather than have competing facts. That’s why a fact-finding exercise uh is right. Uh find out the facts and then develop an opinion but have the facts first.” Just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.

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