Monday Musings: Cuomo’s grasping at straws

The front-page headline on the New York Post this morning is “RESIGN.”

The front-page headline on the New York Post this morning is “RESIGN.”

You know who they’re talking about, but it’s wishful thinking. Gov. Andrew Cuomo is going to have to be dragged out of his posh Executive Mansion in Albany feet first.

One of his would-be girlfriends who was young enough to be his granddaughter explained in her interview with CBS News last week that Randy Andy once told her:

“People in positions of power will never give up that power.”

Cuomo is of course a DemoKKKrat. There were other stories this weekend that he’s been studying the strange case of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam. You may recall photos were unearthed a couple of years ago of Northam in a) blackface and b) a Ku Klux Klan hood.

Northam, a pediatric neurosurgeon by trade, copped to the blackface, more than once, and claimed he couldn’t remember if, in his med-school yearbook, he was the guy on his page wearing the Klan garb, or just the blackface.

Northam promised an investigation to find out if he was the Social Justice Warrior wearing the Klan hood that has been a symbol of so many generations of DemoKKKrat worthies, including very recently Sen. Robert Byrd, dear friend of the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, the uncle of Cuomo’s ex-wife, Kerry Kennedy.

We haven’t heard anything since, so I guess… the investigation continues.

But Northam figured out how to survive. He went hard left. He endorsed infanticide – murdering infants who are born alive after botched abortions. He pushed gun confiscation in the Old Dominion. He locked down the state in a series of orders idiotic enough to have been mandated in Maskachusetts, or Rhode Island.

He supported his lieutenant governor, Justin Fairfax a black man now running for governor since Northam is term-limited. As Northam tried to make his own Klan-blackface scandal go away, Fairfax was credibly accused of rape – not crude come-ons, but actual rape – by two well-credentialed black women, one in Durham, NC (Fairfax went to Duke), and another in Boston, MA (during the Democrat national convention in 2004).

Meanwhile, the AG of Virginia is a white pajama boy named Mark Herring. He also admitted to wearing blackface in college.

Cuomo must watch all this and wonder, why am I in a jam? It’s not just Virginia where bad behavior with women is actually a Democrat resume-enhancer, as Rush Limbaugh used to say.

Look at New York. As governor, Cuomo replaced Eliot Spitzer, who was laundering cash to pay high-end prostitutes. (Spitzer’s lieutenant governor had his own third-rail problems, but compared to the rest of them he was a Boy Scout.)

The attorney general who’s coming after Cuomo only got his job after Cuomo’s buddy, a perv named Schneiderman, was outed by egregious abuse of his girlfriends, including calling one of them, a Third World immigrant, his “brown slave.”

Then there’s ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner, also known as Carlos Danger, also known as Bureau of Prisons inmate 79112-054.

Then there’s Dementia Joe Biden. His former aide, Tara Reade, accuses him of what is legally defined as rape. Biden refuses to releases his Senatorial papers – where her complaint would be recorded – and nobody in the corrupt alt-left media says boo.

No wonder Cuomo thinks he can hang on.

Last week the state senate majority leader, a Democrat from Yonkers, said that if one more accuser emerged, he’d have to go. The next day, two more stepped forward.

The Senate boss, Andrea Stewart-Cousins, then demanded that Cuomo resign. The House speaker, Carl Heastie, said he should “seriously consider” stepping down.

As in the federal system, it’s up to the legislature to impeach and then convict the chief executive. So when Cuomo was told that the legislature might be getting ready to move against him, this is what he said.

“Let’s release all the allegations that JCOPE (the state’s Joint Commission on Public Ethics), the attorney general and the DA’s have about Senate members, and then let’s put them out in the public arena, and then let’s decide publicly should this allegation cause a person to resign.”

In other words, if I’m going down, I’m taking down all you Albany hacks with me.

Meanwhile, one woman has not been heard from – the former Mrs. Andrew Cuomo, Kerry Kennedy.

They divorced after she began an affair with a rich polo player named Bruce Colley. Kerry’s college roommate was married to her brother Robert Kennedy Jr. According to the New York Post, Bobby Jr. was soon cheating on his wife with the wife of the polo player his sister was cheating on Randy Andy with. (The story was denied by the parties.)

After getting a divorce, Kerry went on to write a book, “Being Catholic Now.” Well, she would know, wouldn’t she?

What is it, by the way, with these Kennedy women? Her aunt Jean married a real sleazeball named Steve Smith, and then took up with Broadway’s Alan Jay Lerner, who went to Choate and Harvard with JFK and Joe Jr.

Her cousin Maria Shriver married Arnold Schwarzenegger, who knocked up the family maid.

And of course Kerry Kennedy’s mother is a Skakel. Remember her cousin Michael Skakel? He had a golf club….

You think Andrew Cuomo is going anywhere? Where did Uncle Teddy go after Chappaquiddick?

Back to the bar.  

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