Michelle Wu, you’re making Boston a dumpster fire!

Is it officially against the law to criticize Mayor Michelle Wu yet?

Is it officially against the law to criticize Mayor Michelle Wu yet?

Maybe not, but I’m sure City Hall is working on it. Because … diversity, or something.

So now the Boston City Council has by a 9-4 vote basically shooed away the early-morning protesters from her home in Roslindale.

Granted, these demonstrations — I’m surprised the alt-left media aren’t calling them insurrections — must be frustrating if you’re one of her neighbors.

But in the past, there have been much more exasperating demonstrations by Michelle Wu’s card-carrying fellow travelers, and no punishment has ever been meted out to any of the wokesters.

In 2019, then-City Councilor Wu was in the mob of layabouts who blocked the Congress Street bridge for global whatever.

And did anything ever happen to the thugs who vandalized the homes of eight Boston city councilors in 2020 after the pols were found to be insufficiently committed to defunding the police?

What about that crew of trust-funded hippies who shut down the Expressway in 2015 both in Somerville and Milton during rush hour? Ambulances were prevented from taking patients into hospitals but nothing happened to those pampered puke perps either.

Remember the antifa riots outside City Hall in the summer of 2019? The goateed soi bois with their little pot bellies and their butch black fannie packs couldn’t be identified because they were wearing masks. So a city councilor filed an ordinance to prohibit the use of masks while hurling frozen bottles of urine at the BPD during a riot.

That was voted down because … First Amendment, dude!

And of course the most memorable moment of recent Boston protest — the post-George Floyd orgy of looting and arson that engulfed the Back Bay in 2020, highlighted by the torching of a BPD patrol car and a thug on Tremont Street firing 12 rounds at the cops, some of which went through the windows of occupied apartments.

Gov. Charlie Baker, the next day, described that rampant violence, and the millions of dollars in damages as … mostly peaceful protests.

But protesting outside Mayor Wu’s house? Now that’s some really bad stuff. Call the FBI!

Again, I don’t condone bothering her neighbors in Ward 18. In fact, when the demonstrations started — to protesting Wu’s insane mandatory-vaccination policies — I asked one of the protesting cops on my show why they didn’t just go to City Hall to protest.

“City Hall is still closed,” she pointed out.

Now City Hall is open again, but the protesters continue to get the bum’s rush. The North End restaurant owners who don’t want to pay $7,500 to continue their outdoor seating this summer were banned for the mayor’s press conference.

Among Wu’s cheerleaders that day was Lydia Edwards, who is both the city councilor and state senator from East Boston, continuing the Ward 1 tradition of double-dipping in two elective offices at once, just like Bob Travaglini and John Nucci before her.

First Wu bans her detractors from City Hall. Then she bans ‘em from her office. And now her street. Not to mention making bad jokes about them — namely her problems with “white” things, at the St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.

So the natives go after her in the only arena they’re still permitted on — social media. And she still can’t take it. Was it Harry Truman who said, If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen?

Her Honor loves Twitter, but the damn problem is, people can tweet back at you, the bastards.

I’m sure she’d like her critics banished from Twitter, just as the New York Post was when it was trying to break the Hunter Biden laptop story, or just like Donald Trump is, forever, period.

But for now, those terrible domestic terrorists are still allowed to torture the pride of … where is she from, anyway? Chicago? You know, like Ayanna Pressley. I know Michelle went to Harvard Law School where she was an acolyte of the Fake Indian, who’s from Oklahoma and is not to be confused with Rep. Katherine Clark, who’s from Connecticut by way of Colorado.

Anyway, before Wu’s Twitter peanut gallery is permanently canceled, let’s check in with a few of their recent comments.

Late Tuesday afternoon, the mayor posted a posed group-shot photo with this tweet:

“Important conversations today at the William E. Carter American Legion Post in Mattapan with @BostonVets @UMassBoston — highlighting the leadership of our women veterans & resources for health & wellness.”

Most of the comments were about her banning the North End dissidents from her press availability.

Boston chud: “You made time this for this but ran and hid when businesses wanted to speak. Also how do you know they are women?”

Good point! To which Richard added: “True, don’t know Wu was a biologist.”

Another corrected Wu’s description of some of the people in the photo. They are in fact not women, as Zacharias Santiago pointed out, but “birthing people.”

Jam: “All you do are photo ops.”

Joe Hess: “I think the Yankees are more loved in Boston than you.”

HarrisonMac0318: “You might be the biggest dumpster fire of a mayor I’ve ever witnessed. Honestly it’s wicked impressive.”

Dave C: “You could also have a very ‘important conversation’ with the North End restauranteurs you’re hammering with extortionate fees and give them a break. You could even wear a mask to the convo and take a photo with it, and have the Globe write a piece about EQUITY.”

My favorite comment, though, was another one from Richard, including a photo of one of Mayor Wu’s biggest supporters, Monica Cannon-Grant, who until very recently had the Boston franchise for the Black Lives Matter racket.

Monica and her husband were indicted two weeks ago by a federal grand jury on charges of wire fraud, mail fraud, welfare fraud, all the traditional poverty grifts.

“Racist @MayorWU when are we going to get comments on the arrest of your friend on 18 federal charges?”

When the phone don’t ring, Richard, you’ll know it’s the mayor commenting on Monica Cannon-Grant.

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