Michael Flynn latest victim of the Deep State

Here’s what Gen. Michael Flynn should say when he returns to court in March:

“I ask for no special treatment here today, Judge Sullivan. Just treat me like… Hillary Clinton.”

Or Lois Lerner. Or the Podestas. Or Huma Abedin. Or Eric Holder. Or Loretta Lynch….

It is frightening what the Deep State has done to this three-star Marine general. It’s proving once again the truth of Lenny Bruce’s description of his own legal travails:

“In the halls of justice, the only justice is in the halls.”

The sentencing judge, Emmett Sullivan, has seen these federal frame-ups before, in the case of the late Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens, when the crooked Democrat prosecutors refused to turn over exculpatory evidence. It was what Clarence Thomas used to call a high-tech lynching – a Democrat tradition.

Sullivan’s experience was why he mentioned Flynn’s pre-sentencing filings, in which the general seemed to indicate he was not guilty.

Probably not the best argument to make, proclaiming innocence after pleading guilty.

“I cannot recall any incident,” Sullivan said, “in which the court has accepted a plea of guilty from someone who maintained he was not guilty and I don’t intend to start today.”

But given the opportunity to withdraw his plea, Flynn rolled over and said, yes, he was guilty. He was behaving like a beaten man, and who can blame him? The crooked FBI and the angry Democrats working for Robert Mueller have destroyed his life.

The guy survived five tours of combat. He helped put together the surge in Iraq that saved our bacon. But he couldn’t survive a frame-up by his own government. Like Roberto Duran, he was pleading: “No mas, no mas.”

Okay, he “lied” to the FBI, but about what? About a legal conversation with the Russian ambassador that the FBI had recordings of?

So what exactly did the bent G-men need to ask him about?

The feds claimed they had to talk to him because of media reports about the conversation, which had been feloniously leaked to a newspaper. But there seems to be no investigation into which Deep State hack committed the crime of leaking the documents. Those Democrats are getting a good leaving alone.

Whoever set up Flynn is being treated like Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this frame job was put into motion by James Comey, the disgraced, fired FBI director who has violated any number of regulations and maybe the law with his leaking of classified documents.

Comey handed the contract for the Flynn hit to his caporegime, Andrew McCabe, whose wife took more than $500,000 in Clinton-connected campaign funds. McCabe himself would be fired after being accused by the DOJ inspector general of lying to federal agents four times – on the day he became acting director.

The actual interview itself was conducted by two agents, one of whom has since been fired for exchanging tens of thousands of rabidly anti-Trump tweets with his married FBI lawyer girlfriend. Those texts were so damning that the FBI tried to destroy them rather than turn them over to the Inspector General.

This Flynn case is corrupt six ways to Sunday, and has been since day one. Mueller and the FBI still haven’t turned over the original report of the Flynn interview – the 302 from Jan. 24, 2017. The feds have likewise not turned over the agents’ notes, or any documents about who “modified” the 302 report on Flynn over the months, massaging it to make him seem ever guiltier.

Flynn quit the Obama administration. He knew where the bodies were buried. At the Republican convention in Cleveland in 2016, he led chants of “Lock her up!”

So he had to be taken out. The feds have their ways, as a perceptive judge once noted in 1996.

“The prospect remains,” this jurist wrote, “that an overzealous prosecutor or investigator – aware that a person has committed some suspicious acts, but unable to make a criminal case – will create a crime by surprising the suspect, asking about those acts, and receiving a false denial.”

You know who wrote those words? Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in a concurring opinion in the case of Brogan v. United States. I wonder what she would say today. The only thing that seems to matter to any of these people is destroying Trump.

Last weekend, in New York, Comey admitted to a crowd that he had violated FBI protocols in targeting Flynn back in January 2017. The audience was thrilled. They cheered him, for setting in motion the railroading of a patriotic American.

To paraphrase the Joker in Batman, this Deep State needs an enema.

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