Now Royal Pest Meghan Markle Has a Netflix Show

I don’t get the hullabaloo over the royal family. Maybe it’s my Irish Catholic heritage. Or perhaps it’s because this glorious nation kicked the British monarchy out over two centuries ago. I can get behind the decorum and the fashion, sure.

But I cannot be the only one who’s thinking, hey, wasn’t there a whole war so we wouldn’t have to fly the Union Jack, let alone listen to dukes and duchesses talk about carbon dioxide at Faneuil Hall?

Of course, Boston did both. Safe to say we aren’t the tea-dumping city we once were. The Sons of Liberty aren’t coming through that door. The birthplace of Shays’ Rebellion just approved a whopping 80 percent hike in the state income tax’s top marginal rate.

Prince William and Princess Kate’s visit to Boston was a royal nuisance. Where was Paul Revere when we really needed him, to warn us that the British were coming?

They halted traffic for three days, creating unnecessary bottlenecks and security issues throughout the region, so the couple—joined by the entire Biden entourage—could “discuss” the atmosphere. The visit was part of what the globalist elites are calling “The Earthshot Prize,” a wildly impractical set of goals and a surface-level set of awards for those who think they can control the weather.

And yet somehow the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge came short of winning the title for Most Annoying Royals last week.

As usual, Meghan Markle made sure headlines were split equally (or is it equitably?) for her, too. The official trailer for Meghan’s (oh, and her husband Harry’s) Netflix docuseries premiered last week.

Now, I’m not positive if we can give Meghan full credit for the decision to release the trailer at the exact same time as the real royals’ first visit to the United States since 2014. Netflix likely had a hand in the pot-stirring.

The 72 seconds of pure drama from the Californians formerly known as Prince Harry and “actress” Meghan Markle tease an unveiling of Britain’s darkest secrets, an exclusive look at the struggles of marrying into a hierarchy, and the reason why they up and left for the New World, not on the Mayflower, but on a private jet.

I predict the docuseries is bound to be sprinkled with smash-the-patriarchy tropes from the professional housewife and host of podcast “Archetypes.”

This time around, Meghan quickly assures us, viewers will be hearing their inspiring story from them. How groundbreaking! So who exactly was telling the lovebirds’ story when they landed an interview with Oprah?

While the trailer itself is insufferable, it at least looks like no budgets were blown. These days, a 10-year-old could have whipped up the corny black-and-white montage and added the voiceover of the King of Beta Males.

Naturally, the grassroots groups did their digging. Directly prior to Harry’s whimpering about protecting his family, the trailer shows an image of paparazzi, dozens of cameras all pointed toward an unseen subject.

Turns out the picture is a stock photo, from the 2011 London premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two. “Royalty-free,” if you will.

The New York Post kindly did some math for us. The couple hadn’t even met until five years after the movie’s debut.

Did Netflix think no one would notice? It’s as if the streaming giant knows the couple is a laughingstock. Or maybe the Eurotrash drifters have grasped the wisdom of that ancient show-biz axiom:

“There’s no such thing as bad publicity.”

One beam of hope has arisen out of Netflix’s sycophantic groveling. I must admit Meghan, Harry, and the team made the stunning and brave choice to allow us normal people with real problems to air out our grievances in a free and open YouTube comment section.

Below the trailer, the hoi polloi banded together to redeem the human race in an unspoken-yet-understood comedic format:

Laura H says, “I loved the part where Harry’s wife sat on the perfectly curated armchair with Hermes blanket lightly draped over it and wept in her million-dollar mansion. What a truly inspirational warrior for equality she is. I’m just awe struck.”

Sounds Good says, “I love the part when she said that she doesn’t care about titles but goes around being called The Duchess of Sussex. So humble and brave! It brings a tear to my left eye.”

Oriana says, “I love the part when they left the palace claiming they need and deserve privacy… so the moved to LA, (where) they are making documentaries, interviews, photoshoots everywhere. I cried. It is so moving…”

Meghan keeps us on our toes, wondering, “How on earth will she annoy us next?” It’s really quite impressive how well she irritates both sides of the aisle and the pond.

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