Meet the Experts: Giants of Political Thought with Mike Hassell and Crom Carmichael

This week, Howie chats with Mike Hassell and Crom Carmichael of the educational audio series, Giants of Political Thought. Inspired by an insufficient education in American history, Crom and Mike conceived and developed an audio publishing business specializing in entertaining, understandable, yet deeply probing presentations on the great ideas of history. Using a technique of carefully selected short quotes tied together by a story-like narrative overview, Giants of Political Thought makes history’s great political ideas come alive; they become vastly more understandable. The economic and political rise of the West has included the industrial revolution, several technology revolutions, and a profound rise in global living standards since the 1700s. All this has been based in the West’s great political, economic, philosophical, and even religious ideas. These are the ideas that unleashed humanity’s enormous potential for innovation and productivity. Learn more about the Giants of Political Thought audion series:


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