Meet Biden’s nutty professors giving economic advice

How many times have you heard Dementia Joe Biden talk about how his catastrophic economic plan has been endorsed by “17 Nobel economic laureates?”

How many times have you heard Dementia Joe Biden talk about how his catastrophic economic plan has been endorsed by “17 Nobel economic laureates?”

Sometimes he forgets and says there were 13 … or 14 of these eggheads. But I always figured, the endlessly changing numbers could be explained by the fact that perhaps some of them were so embarrassed by Brandon’s ongoing economic calamities that they were taking on the lam, as they say.

But I never knew exactly who these extinguished, I mean distinguished, professors were. Until yesterday, when The Wall Street Journal printed the names of all 17 of these bounders, in boldface.

Would you care to guess who these economists give money to? You’re about to find out.

The list of their names was beautiful. The only way the list could have been any more perfect would have been if it were put up on a bulletin board at the post office and above every name it said, “WANTED BY FBI.”

As we all know only too well, the Biden agenda is to print more and more and more money and throw it at the nonworking classes who are the Democrats’ core constituency. It’s an … investment, don’t you know.

Because printing money with nothing behind it has historically worked so well in, among other places, the Weimar Republic, Robert Mugabe’s Zimbabwe or Juan Peron’s Argentina, etc.

The 17 nutty professors wrote an open letter endorsing the intentional wrecking of the American economy in these words:

“Because this agenda invests in long-term economic capacity and will enhance the ability of more Americans to participate productively in the economy, it will ease longer-term inflationary pressures.”

Ease inflationary pressures? Surely they meant to say, “ignite inflationary pressures.”

Obviously, these are the type of goatee-stroking, Birkenstock-wearing fools who were once so accurately described by a Democrat named George Wallace as “pointy-headed intellectuals that can’t park a bicycle straight.”

But they can write checks — big checks, not for the best and the brightest, but for the worst and the dumbest of national politicians, approximately 100% of whom are Democrats.

As you would expect, Massachusetts is overrepresented on this list of 17 damn fools — four, two from Harvard and two from MIT.

Let’s start with the local boys (because they’re all men). Meet Oliver Hart, Ph. D. (which stands for Piled Higher and Deeper). In 2020 he maxed out to Dementia Joe $5,600. He thinks globally, but acts locally — last year he gave $1,000 to Danielle Allen, a drifter from Maryland who blew in to run for governor for about 10 minutes.

She was eminently qualified. She’s a professor at Harvard, too.

Hart also gave $500 to ex-Gov. Deval Patrick, who was elected because … you know. Hart also gave $500 to ex-Lt. Gov. Tim “Crash” Murray, who drove his state car the way Brandon drives the U.S. economy — into a wall. Both Patrick and Murray needed multiple tries to pass the bar exam because they’re … Democrats.

Peter Diamond is another pointy-head from MIT. He lives in Lexington, where a lot of those academic crackpots now reside. Not too many modern-day Minutemen in Lexington, or “Election,” as Joe Biden called it earlier this week. He’s given money to state Rep. Jay Kaufman, who is, like just about every payroll patriot those clowns give to, a Democrat.

Still in Lexington, we have Robert Solow, who didn’t realize that Brandon would drive inflation so high. But hey, even though he’s listed as MIT, So High, I mean Solow, is really “emeritus,” because he’s 97 years old. But that didn’t stop him from giving $250 to Maura Healey and $2,000 to Obama for America in 2007.

Then there’s Eric Maskin of Harvard. He lives in the teeming slums of Weston.

Maskin gave $2,500 to Danielle Allen. On the national level, he’s a big fan of Sen. Jon Osoff of Georgia, to whom he’s made five contributions. He also gets the vapors over professional son-in-law Robert Francis O’Rourke of Texas, whose pandering nickname is “Beto,” although Newsweek actually got it right in a mistake this week when it called him “Beta.”

Next stop Yale, where we meet another Biden worshipper named Robert Shiller. Like almost all these frauds, he gives to ACTBLUE, the fund for Democrat hacks. He handed $1,000 each to Biden for President and the Biden Victory Fund. Shiller also likes Sen. Richard Blumenthal, the fake Vietnam vet, but he really loves Hillary — she grabbed $7,400 from Shiller.

Joseph Stiglitz of Columbia is another mindless cheerleader for Democrat demagogues. He made eight separate contributions to Dementia Joe in 2020. He’s also contributed $5,200 to Hillary, $2,300 to Barry Obama, and because he knows so much about economics, he wrote checks for $2,500 to both AOC and the Fake Indian.

C’mon down, George A. Akerlof of Georgetown. He kicked in $30,600 to assorted Biden war chests in 2020 and $25,000 to the DNC. He’s also, as you might expect, a very big fan of John Forbes Kerry ($2,000 in 2004).

Daniel Kahneman of Princeton gave $4,800 to the Obama Victory Fund, and also threw a few hundred at Osoff, the pajama boy who so many of these guys swoon over, maybe because he has a big trust fund and seems to have never really worked for a living.

Roger Myerson of the University of Chicago is naturally very much into, among others, Osoff and Hillary and Biden. But he is the one guy out of the 17 that I could find who gave money to Republicans, and I’ll bet you can guess who the Republicans were.

That’s right, the Lincoln Project, or as Donald Trump Jr. calls it on his Twitter feed, the Pedo Project. Dr. Myerson gave those never-Trump grifters and con artists $750, proving a fool and his money are so parted, even if he won a Nobel Prize.

What’s the over-under on how many of these 17 not very diverse Nobel laureates can park a bicycle straight — four?

I’ll take the under.

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