Media Whitewash Democrat Violence

Now they’re gunning down Trump supporters – and the alt-left media are trying to make the deranged murderers into victims, just as they did with the mass-murdering foreign Muslim terrorist Tsarnaev family in Boston a few years back.

First it was Portland, Oregon, where a thug gunned down a Trump fan in cold blood, only to be killed himself in a wild shooting a few days later.

This weekend, in Denver, it was a zitty former Occupy loser gunning down a middle-aged Navy veteran in front of his son, again in cold blood.

Of course it’s not only the mainstream media but the Soros types in city governments that are likewise all in on the side of the blood-thirsty leftists.

Even in Massachusetts, Biden voters have been on a crime spree, assaulting an 83-year-old man in Bristol County (Donald Trump Jr. called to wish him well on my show), as well as at least two women.

But most of the violence has been elsewhere, starting in Portland Oregon last month.

Here are some of the headlines on the suicide-by-cop of the fake military veteran, no-account loser and career criminal named Michael Reinohl. He was 48, self-described “100% antifa,” who earlier murdered Aaron “Jay” Danielson in downtown Portland last month.

WaPost: Killed by police without warning.

NY Times: In His Last Hours, Portland Murder Suspect Said He Feared Arrest.

Rolling Stone: No warning before shooting of Antifa suspect.

Vox: Trump’s chilling comments.

Of course it had to be Trump’s fault. What isn’t? Reinohl had been arrested for unlicensed possession of a gun months earlier, but the woke district attorney let him go, just like he’s freed 70 percent of the looters who’ve destroyed Portland.

The Democrat stenographers with press passes did everything but call Reinohl a “tousle-haired… All-American boy.”

Reinohl was arrested again for drag racing with his 17-year-old son at 110 m.p.h. on I-84 while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and (again) unlicensed possession of a firearm.

Here’s a text message cops recovered from Reinohl to his son Aug. 7: “Sell me the gun for a quarter pound of weed and $100 I’m getting tired of this (bleep) I need a piece now.”

Was that the “piece” the unhinged drug-addled Biden voter pulled on cops before they perforated him?

The Denver killer, named Matthew Dolloff, is now charged with second-degree murder. He was actually in the employ of the left-wing local NBC TV station. He was working “security,” although he was, surprise surprise, unlicensed as a security officer. 

After Dolloff’s cold-blooded execution of the pro-police demonstrator, the Denver PD’s main interest seemed to be making sure that he was not – repeat, NOT – identified as yet another antifa fiend. Might be bad for the Senate campaign to unseat GOP incumbent Corey Gardner.

If you think murdering a Trump supporter is good for your social standing among those gripped by Trump Derangement Syndrome, it’s even more elevating to your stature in the totalitarian community to actually get murdered by a normal citizen in self-defense.

Look at what happened in Kenosha WI. A 17-year-old lifeguard named Kyle Rittenhouse defends himself from a lynch mob of Red jailbirds, killing two of them, and before they’ve even assumed room temperature, the Washington Post is elevating these vile monsters to hero status.

First one was Joseph Rosenbaum, age 36. He was a pederast – he raped five young boys. The Post called it “sexual conduct.”

I’m telling you, this Washington Post thumb-sucker makes the tear-stained accounts in the Rolling Stone and Boston Globe about the Tsarnaev family look like hard-hitting investigative journalism.

Here are some excerpts from the sob story the Post wrote about Rosenbaum:

“Depressed, homeless and alone… he had spent most of his adult life in prison… struggled with bipolar disorder….  Mentally ill… Rosenbaum stopped by a pharmacy in Kenosha to pick up medication for his bipolar disorder, only to discover that it had closed early because of the unrest…”

Are you crying yet?

“He visited his fiancée, who was living in a cheap motel room, but she told him he couldn’t stay the night. She had pressed charges against him a month earlier after a fight in which he knocked her down and bloodied her mouth.”

In other words, he was a hero of antifa.

“Rosenbaum met his father only twice and told his mother that he was molested by his alcoholic stepfather ‘on an almost daily basis… when he was 13 his mother was sent to prison for two years, and… he began using heroin and methamphetamine.”

After raping the young male children, he spent 14 years in prison. Then he met his “fiancée.”

“The county’s social services department helped them get a room at a cut-rate motel, where a sign at the front desk offers $2 condoms and one in the room warns ‘no refunds after 10 minutes.’ Rosenbaum did odd jobs for the owner, who complained in an interview about his shoddy work… his fiancée confronted him after finding pornography on his phone. Rosenbaum body-slammed her, according to police, who took him to jail and then released him.”

Rosenbaum chased the teenager Rittenhouse down the street and tried to grab his rifle. Guess what happened next.

The next antifa thug to come after Rittenhouse, as he tried to flee, was Anthony Huber, age 26, a junkie.

Here’s Huber’s curriculum vitae, according to the Washington Post:

“In 2012, Huber brandished a butcher knife and threatened to ‘gut’ his brother ‘like a pig’ if he didn’t clean the house…. Huber choked his brother with his hands for 10 seconds before letting him go… Convicted of strangulation and false imprisonment, he was placed on probation but violated the terms and was sent to prison in 2017… (After being released) he kicked his sister, and went back to prison on a charge of disorderly conduct in 2018.”

As Rittenhouse tried to escape, Huber swung a skateboard at him and tried to grab his rifle, forgetting the eternal lesson, never bring a skateboard to a gunfight. Rittenhouse killed the ex-con heroin addict with a single shot to the chest.

Rittenhouse shot another violent hippie as well, named Gaige Grosskreutz, age 26, a member of “the People’s Revolution. He had his pistol drawn and was approaching Rittenhouse when the kid dropped him with a shot to the right biceps.

As for Trump’s “chilling” comments on Rittenhouse, this was his totally factual tweet: “He was trying to get away from them. He was in very big trouble. He probably would have been killed.”

The alt-left media makes it seem like the violence goes both ways. For instance, the increasingly unhinged Wall Street Journal last weekend ran a front-page story about sign stealing, which from what I can see is going at least 95-5 Democrats stealing more than Republicans.

But the Journal says the crime is bipartisan. They even quote a Nebraska woman who says a deplorable grabbed her sign with all those stupid bromides ending with “Science Is Real, Water Is Life.”

There’s one of those signs in my neighborhood in Wellesley. I walk by it all the time when I’m in town. Never thought to steal or destroy it, nor did anyone else. It’s a perfect illustration of how crazy these virtue-signaling trust-funders are.

I mean, is “Water Is Life” is suddenly a controversial statement?

It’s incontrovertibly true, you know, kind of like saying “Biden Has Dementia.”

Wonder how long that speaking of truth to power would last if you put it in your front yard in Maskachusetts.

And if the cops lugged the hippie who destroyed your “Biden Has Dementia” sign, you know how the media would describe him:

Tousle-haired All-American boy. 

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