Media standards for covering Biden and Trump? Make that a double

It’s truly amazing how differently news stories are handled, depending on whether or not Donald Trump can be painted as the villain.

It’s truly amazing how differently news stories are handled, depending on whether or not Donald Trump can be painted as the villain.

As the saying goes, if it weren’t for double standards, the Democrats and state-run media (but I repeat myself) would have no standards at all.

This week’s example was yet another previously unthinkable event happening in Dementia Joe Biden’s dysfunctional, dystopian America: a nationwide shortage of baby formula.

Ask yourself, how loud would the media be screaming if Donald Trump had done absolutely nothing as this shortage of baby formula developed. And the suddenly the shelves were empty and young families were panicking over whether they’d have enough food to feed their infants.

And simultaneously, the criminal illegal aliens swarming across the Southern border were being delivered endless pallets of free formula that law-abiding American taxpayers can’t even buy — let alone get for free, forever, on every welfare program known to man.

The story would be getting the usual apocalyptic hate-Trump treatment 24/7 from state-run media.

But it’s Joe Biden who’s authored this latest calamity so … nothing to see here folks, move along.

A Democrat religious tract known as the Washington Post went so far as to run a “fact check” saying that Dementia Joe wasn’t responsible for American babies going hungry while the next generation of MS-13 gangbangers grow fat and happy on taxpayer-funded baby formula.

You see, the Post tut-tutted, there’s a “consent decree” from 1997 that says that “irregular migrants” must get everything, period. You see, Bill Clinton was looking to import some new undocumented Democrats back in 1997 and put them all on welfare.

It’s right there in the playbook.

So, the Post said, Biden has no choice but to starve American infants for the benefit of illegal aliens — it’s the law.

Of course, what they didn’t point out is that if Brandon had been enforcing some different laws — say, immigration — these hordes of illegal criminals wouldn’t have overrun what was once a proud nation.

This was all unfolding the same week as the nation’s death toll from the Panic passed 1 million, more than 600,000 of whom have died under Brandon’s watch, despite the vaccine, and despite his endless empty promises to end the plague.

Remember when Trump was president? Every headline screamed about a “grim milestone” of deaths. Now, with a million dead, Biden is the name that must never be mentioned.

Instead, the job of the alt-left media, as the Globe informed us, is “chronicling the virus’ cruel toll.”

No names please. Especially not Biden’s, or Fauci’s, or Baker’s.

Do you dream of being a Democrat stenographer with a press pass? Here are some cliches to always remember, comrades, if you wish to become the next Joy Reid or Jake Tapper.

There are “far-right” Republicans, but there are no far-left Democrats.

If you’re a genocidal Muslim terrorist, you must be described as “an austere religious scholar.”

If you’re a born-again Christian, you’re a fanatic.

What do they call anyone they disagree with? (A racist.)

What do they call a story about Democrat crimes that they can’t defend? (A conspiracy theory.)

What do almost all GOP conspiracy theories — Hunter Biden’s laptops, Dementia Joe buying crack pipes for junkies, etc. — eventually prove to be? (True.)

What do they call a summer of riots, arson, murder and looting by Democrats with more than 40 killed? (Mostly peaceful protests.)

What do they call trespassing by Republicans on Jan. 6 at the Capitol with one unarmed Trump supporter killed in cold blood by a cop who works for Nancy Pelosi? (An insurrection.)

How did state-run Democrat media describe the arson attack on a Wisconsin pro-life center? (“A fire broke out.”)

How did the fellow travelers describe an assassination attempt on the GOP attorney general of Virginia? (“A bullet flew through the window.”)

How did CNN describe the mass murder of white Christians by a black racist thug in Waukesha, Wisconsin? (“A car drove through a city Christmas parade, killing six people.”)

What’s the only kind of threat there is? (Existential.)

What’s the only kind of crisis Republicans produce? (Constitutional.)

Who gets to name Democrat bills? (Democrats — “Build Back Better.”)

Who gets to name Republican bills? (Democrats — “Don’t Say Gay.”)

What do Republicans do when Democrats are caught in a scandal? (They rant, they pounce, they weaponize and/or seize upon.)

What are such reactions called? (A distraction, a wedge issue.)

Legislation has “bipartisan” support whenever one or two Republicans vote for a Democrat bill.

If Democrats defect, however, it is never “bipartisan.” And the final outcome is described as the result of “filibuster” or “GOP obstructionism.” (See the abortion vote in the Senate on Thursday.)

Republicans who agree with Democrats have grown, evolved.

Democrats who agree with Republicans have flip-flopped, and can be followed into restrooms and filmed, or have their houseboats vandalized because … equity.

Abortion is “women’s health.”

Democrats’ reaction to winning a court case? (It’s settled law.)

Democrats’ reaction to losing a court case? (Get out the Molotov cocktails! Pack the courts! Burn ‘em out!)

Democrats speak truth to power, Republicans cling to their Bibles and guns.

As absurd as everything they say is, the Big Lie always seems to work for them. Hey, look who’s president. Joe Biden may be very stupid, but his low-info voters are even dumber.

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