McKeon’s fall from grace padded by AG

Every covered-up scandal needs a designated fall guy, and yesterday disgraced ex-State Police Col. Richard McKeon drew the short straw.

But Atty. Gen. Maura “Hold It” Healey is on the job, and thus there will be no indictment, no jail time for the crooked cop, only a “referral” to that toothless watchdog, the State Ethics Commission.

For that wrist slap, McKeon has 169,766 reasons to be grateful – all of which have George Washington’s picture on them.

He may get hit with a fine, but McKeon, a hack’s hack, keeps his kiss in the mail.

Hold It Healey made her expected announcement, as expected, on a Friday. The only unexpected part of was that the reports were released around noon yesterday, rather than at 4:30 – the traditional time for disgraceful government cover ups.

Everyone knows that if you want to hide something real good, just stick it in one of Healey’s law books. She will leave stone unturned, except the ones the crooked judges, district attorneys, State Police brass and Tall Deval coat holders are hiding under.

This is the first of the multiple MSP scandals that are unfolding now on a near-weekly basis. This one involves the daughter of a hack state judge, Alli Bibaud, an admitted junkie and prostitute, arrested for OUI. The Worcester hackerama immediately swung into action to cover it up, just like the state hacks are now trying to cover up the original cover up.

Alli Bibaud had “worked,” like her father, for the Worcester County DA. The judge is Timothy Bibaud, who has spent all but two months of his adult life feeding at the public trough in Worcester.

After the arrest of his daughter, Bibaud’s dear friend, Judge Michael Allard-Madaus, swung into action.

“He began acting as a lawyer for a criminal defendant,” said Lenny Kesten, the attorney for the honest state troopers who were threatened with firing if they didn’t feloniously alter their arrest reports.

Here’s how close these two hack judges are. Before grabbing his early retirement on the bench, Bibaud gave $275 to disgraced Lt. Gov. Tim “Crash” Murray, whose own scandal involving a car was also covered up by the State Police in Worcester. Judge Allard-Madaus gave Crash Murray $250 before his appointment by Small Deval Patrick.

The attempted fix was then engineered by District Attorney Joe Early Jr., the son of another disgraced Worcester Democrat, Cong. Joe Early Sr. Three times in the 48 hours after the arrest, Early called the secretary of public safety, Daniel Bennett, still another longtime hack from the Worcester DA’s office. But they didn’t discuss brooming the report – that’s their story and they’re sticking to it.

“I want to ask Bennett about those three calls – under oath,” said Kesten. “How long were they? What exactly did he discuss with the district attorney if not the report?”

Last November, Early “adamantly denied” to a Worcester reporter that he’d made any calls to broom the case. Now, however, he admits he tried to put the fix in with McKeon, to suppress the embarrassing details about his fellow hack.

“He (Early) was previously my boss,” explained McKeon, yet another hack out of the Worcester DA’s office. “I was led to believe that everything that I was about to do was not only the right thing, but the appropriate thing to do.”

That I-was-only-following-orders defense didn’t fly at Nuremberg, and it doesn’t even work in Worcester.

This sordid story was broken by a local blog, I asked the Turtleboy last night what should happen next.

“Early must resign!” he said. Good luck with that. To make sure everything was properly swept under the rug, Early assigned his first assistant, one Jeff Travers, who took Bennett’s old job. Would you be surprised to know that Travers’ father Herb was a hack judge in Worcester?

“They all know each other, and they were all talking about the case,” Kesten said.

Think of this judicial broom job as the local version of the Clinton email scandal. Healey is reprising the role of James Comey, in charge of the cover up, and all the hacks are the 508-area-code versions of Hillary Clinton, Cheryl Mills, Huma Abedin et al.

We even have the same “deleted” electronic messages, this time by Col. McKeon, and the same excuse Comey offered for Hillary.

“Nor did we uncover evidence that,” writes Healey, “the deletions of messages from his phone was to impair the prosecution of Alli Bibaud or to make those records unavailable for an investigation.”

Yeah, right. By the way, the original story by McKeon and Early was, courthouse hacks do this all the time – threaten to fire honest cops who don’t broom cases for the Beautiful People. Now, however, “DA Early could not recall another instance in which he had contacted a police department or otherwise personally intervened” on behalf of a junkie or prostitute that had been on his payroll.

“This report proves,” Kesten said, “what we already knew – that when these people illegally alter reports, it ain’t for you or me, it’s for people who are connected.”

Bottom line from Hold It Healey – nothing to see here folks, move along. As for McKeon, he’s just lucky his last name isn’t Trump. If Col. Richard Trump had broken this many laws, Hold It would have indicted him already.

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