MBTA pensions on fast track to hack heaven

The taxaholics of Beacon Hill are off on another bender, because they refuse to begin the 12-step program to recovery by acknowledging the obvious.

One tax is too many, and a thousand are not enough.

Yet no one in the hackerama will never, ever take the nest mandatory step on the road to fiscal sobriety –  namely, apologizing to the victims they have robbing for generations, the taxpayers, American citizens who play by the rules and work for a honest living.

We, the electorate, are the hacks’ enablers – not all of us, obviously, just the dumbed-down majority who vote for tools like the fake Indian, Tall Deval and Mr. Frosty. We live in a democracy, and as H.L. Mencken once observed, “Democracy is a form of government in which the people get what they want, and they get it good and hard.”

Talk about good and hard – have you checked out the latest MBTA pension list?

Connected hacks used to be able to get a full pension at the T after 23 years with their snouts buried in the trough. A decade ago, the 23-year grift was “reformed” –wink wink nudge nudge – but in 2018, a full third of the hacks checking out with full pensions were still under the age of 55, way under:

  • Kendra Thomas, age 47, “supervisor” $63,406 a year for life.
  • Howard Morris, age 47, “stock person, roving,” $43,466 a year for life.
  • Ronald Reese, age 47, $45,656.76 a year for life.

Pat Bulger is the son of Billy Bulger, the ex-state Senate president who has been collecting his own state pension of $200,000-plus since 2003. Pat Bulger retired from the T at age 43 in 2007, and ever since has been grabbing $55,546 a year, tax-free.

Speaking of Bulgers, Mark Bulger is the son of Jackie, the youngest brother of Billy and convicted serial killinh gangster and drug kingpin Whitey. Jackie, another career state hack and former T employee, is himself a convicted felon (Bureau of Prisons number: 23986-038).

The Bulger spalpeen Mark, second generation T hack, retired from the MBTA at age 45 in 2008 with a pension of $34,732.41 a year.

Mark’s sister, Whitey’s niece, is one Beth Ann Zodda, who used to work at the State House for Uncle Corrupt Midget in the same Senate’s counsel office as her aunt, Whitey’s sister. Beth Ann is married to one Robert Zodda.

Zodda retired from the T at age 52 in 2010 with a pension of $42,822.24 a year. What a drag it must have been, having to wait until he was 50-plus to start grabbing the monthly kiss in the mail. But then, he’s only an in-law.

Remember the crooked ex-House Speaker, Thomas “Felon” Finneran? Before he was lugged and disbarred, Felon Finneran used to call the MBTA “Mr. Bulger’s Transportation Authority.”

So true. No wonder Felon Finneran had to be destroyed.

What do you do after you retire with a full pension (state tax free, plus health care) before you turn 50?

A lot of these MBTA hacks immediately go to “work” in some other state hackerama. For instance, Pat Bulger migrated for a few years to the felon-infested Probation Department, where his hack brother was hackin’ it up bigtime.

But more often, the payroll Charlies from the T drift over to the Mass. Convention Center Authority (MCCA), another wholly-owned subsidiary of the Bulger Crime Family.

The MCCA used to be run by a Bulger coat holder by the name of James Rooney – look him up on that MBTA pension list. Retired with a full pension of $62,541.24 a year at the age of 41 in 1999.

Now Root-Toot Rooney is at the Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce, and has not been collecting an MCCA pension, at least not yet, according to the state comptroller’s records.

I couldn’t get the MCCA payroll on Good Friday, but I should have one this week. I want to match some names on the MCCA hackerama with the MBTA pension list, among them, Lally, and Kineavy.

Remember Michael Kineavy, a City Hall enforcer for the late mayor Mumbles Menino? His intellect lit up the world like a three-watt bulb. His brother is one Patrick Kineavy, as in retired from the MBTA. Pat reached the checkout counter in 2016 at age 52 and began slurping down $80,470.36 a year. Wonder where Pat “works” now…

Does the name Christopher Peatridge ring a bell? Probably not, so here’s a headline reminder from 2010:

“No-show MBTA boss to spend a year in jail.”

All these years later, at age 75, 14 years after filing for his kiss in the mail from the hackerama, Peatridge still collecting $38,021.34 a year.

Out of room, but stand by for a hack barrage next week. Teaser: Why would a career hack from Worcester suddenly pull his nomination for the ultimate kiss in the mail, i.e., a judgeship?

Only the Shadow knows….

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