Maura Healey, Woke Overachiever

We have another three years of this ahead of us with the Healey administration.

Gov. Maura Healey has completely lived up to all my woke expectations of her.  In fact, she has exceeded them and that’s not a good thing.

Who would have thought a year ago that the rooms in almost every moderately priced hotel in the Commonwealth would be bought out by the state to house illegal immigrants? Thanks to Healey, we now have a city’s worth of foreign freeloaders getting EBT cards, room service, housing, health care, education, mental health services, etc. on the taxpayer’s dime. 

The situation is so bad that Healey had to declare a state of emergency.  It is an emergency, but that’s not the reason for her declaration. Healey did it so that communities like Taunton could not try to evict the illegals by revoking a hotel’s liquor license or fining the hotel for being over-capacity.

She is overriding all local ordinances to pamper the vacationing illegals. 

But it is not just the invasion by hordes of illegal aliens that has Healey on the way to being one of the worst governors in the history of the state. To fix the MBTA, she did not tackle the actual problem of infrastructure. No, she hired 1000 new MBTA employees and saddled us with another 1000 pensions to pay down the road 

How are the 1000 new hacks doing? The latest report is that the MBTA needs $23 billion in repairs. So further hacking up the authority only spent money we don’t have.

Speaking of money, Healey promised to make Massachusetts affordable. Anyone feeling any relief?  Or should I ask, is any taxpayer getting a break? Not only did we not get any serious tax breaks, Healey screwed us out of future refunds! Going against the will of the voters, Beacon Hill legislators and Healey amended the 62f law so everyone gets the same refund if the state ever has excess revenue again. So 62f has gone from a refund to a handout – another handout.

But it’s a moot point, because there will be no excess revenues with Healey, especially after spending $3 billion on the supplemental budget on welfare for illegal aliens who shouldn’t even be here who don’t work. 

With Healey at the helm, our state is on a financial collision course. For the past five months, state revenue has fallen below expectations. That means we have a deficit. How is Healey handling this problem? She says there will be no cuts, because the problem doesn’t exist. I think that’s called fuzzy math. 

Healey promised to be the greenest Governor ever. She’s gone green alright. The green is our tax dollars being thrown away. She has hired a new Climate Change Czar. She has yet to explain why we need both a czar and the Secretary of Environmental Affairs. She also created the nation’s first “green bank.” Just what we need is a politically correct hacked-up bank.

Healey launched her “flagship climate resilience program” to have municipalities “upgrade their climate resilience plans through an equity lens.” The price tag is $100 million! Communities are now hiring expert in “climate resiliency” to harass businesses and homeowners at the expense of the taxpayers.

And it’s being done through an “equity lens.” Great – more Claudine Gays in the pipeline. 

Has service improved at the Registry of Motor Vehicles?  Only if you are an illegal immigrant.  Last July, Healey hired more payroll patriots at the RMV to help with the demand for licenses for the aliens.

Also in July, the Governor signed into law the annual budget making permanent those instate tuition breaks for illegals, along with allowing them access to college loans. Do you think people who are illegally in our country living large on welfare from the moment they flop here are now going to pay back these loans? 

Healey claims she has done a good job on affordable housing, because she created a Secretary of Housing. That’s not housing. That’s yet another expensive hack job. 

We have another three years of this ahead of us with the Healey administration. It is going to feel like an eternity. Our only hope is to win a ton of legislative races in 2024 or flee, like 1100 law-abiding Massachusetts taxpayers are already doing, every week.

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