MassGOP rising from the ashes

For all the knuckleheads in the Kool Aid Kult, it’s finally time to heed the bartender’s words at 2 a.m. after last call.

“You don’t have to go home. But you can’t stay here!”

Here, meaning politics. You knuckleheads lost, again, which is nothing new. You haven’t won anything since 2019, so the stompings you took Tuesday night in the Republican state committee races is nothing new.

In Tuesday’s primaries, 77 committee seats were at stake. The sane candidates – the ones who, you know, actually want to win elections, as difficult as that is for Republicans in Massachusetts – have claimed somewhere between 43 and 47 seats.

The Kult is reduced to maybe 28, 29 dead-enders. It’s over, guys ‘n’ gals. Make a good Act of Contrition and get the bleep out of here. Screw!

The rest of us want to make Massachusetts a two-party state again. It’s very important to have a functioning opposition, because if you don’t have one, look what happens. If you doubt me, just gaze out your front window.

I have so many people I want to quote here today. Here’s Oliver Cromwell on the Long Parliament, and what he said in 1653 applies just as well to the Kool Aid Kult.

“You have sat too long here for any good you have been doing. In the name of God, go!”

How can we miss them when they won’t go away? Although any number of the knuckleheads were forcibly ejected from their state committee seats Tuesday night.

See ya later, Steven Fruzzetti, a professional dog walker from Milton. Boy, did he have a “ruff” night. He was knocked out by Sean Powers, who works for the last Republican district attorney in Massachusetts, Tim Cruz.

The GOP lost the other DA’s office it controlled in 2022, in Barnstable County.

The state committee under Kult control couldn’t be bothered to help out the Republican candidate for DA on the Cape, just like they didn’t spend a dime to retain the sheriffs’ offices in Barnstable and Bristol Counties, so they were lost as well.

In Bristol, the guy who knocked out the incumbent Republican, loyal Trumper Tom Hodgson, got hundreds of thousands of dollars from George Soros-affiliated groups.

The Kool Aid Kult didn’t care. They diverted money ticketed for Hodgson’s winnable race for reelection to the absurd vanity campaign of Geoff “Deadbeat” Diehl, a sheep in sheep’s clothing.

And yet these people had the crust to run as the real Republicans. Anybody who wanted to win an election was a RINO. They called good Republican women “whores.” They falsely accused me, among others, of committing crimes that could have cost my radio stations their FCC licenses.

The knuckleheads are still bitter that the capo di tutti knuckleheads, Jim Jones Lyons, was ousted from the party chairmanship last year by Amy Carnevale, who was with Trump from Day One. She was one of his national convention delegates in 2016.

Lyons, on the other hand, is a failed Democrat politician who became a failed Republican politician. He is — was –assisted in his crackpot schemes by Diehl.

For those keeping score at home, Diehl has successively lost races for the state Senate, the US Senate and the governorship, getting an ever-smaller percentage of the vote.

Now Deadbeat wants to run for the state Senate again, against the same drunkard who pummeled him in a landslide 10 years ago, despite being outspent 2-1 by Diehl back when he was still considered a serious human being.

Another Kultist who took a pounding Tuesday night was Dennis Galvin, a former state cop with a $94,000 state pension. He’s a two-time loser for the legislature, so he thought being on the committee made him a big shot.

Galvin was taken off the board by a Republican who can actually win an election, Leominster City Councilor Mark Bodanza.

Then there’s Taunton Mayor Shaunna O’Connell. She ousted another lunatic loser. It was O’Connell’s 10th election victory in a row.

In the legislature, one of her closest allies was Diehl. Their political careers have gone in different directions, to say the least, so now Diehl tries to take her down. He even endorsed her opponent in the mayoral election last fall.

Needless to say, being endorsed by Diehl is always the kiss of death. Shaunna was reelected in a landslide.

But envy is – or was – the only thing that drove the Kult. If anyone had won an election, or even wanted to win one, they must be RINOs. The more elections you’d lost, the higher you could rise in the Kult.

Jay McMahon is another of the knuckleheads’ elders – he has three beatings under his belt (one state Senate, two AG races). He’s a three-time loser, just like Diehl and Lyons.

It’s gratifying to finally be writing about them in the past tense. What really threatened them was the rise of anyone who actually wanted to win an election. Boy, did they hate Chris Doughty in 2022 when he ran for governor.

Diehl, who voted for Biden in the 2008 Democrat primary, screamed that Doughty had voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Lyons, a Cruz delegate in 2016, echoed the charges.


What the knuckleheads never understood is that most people, in whatever endeavor they’re engaged in, prefer winning over losing. How weird is that?

So among the many ironies of this final defeat of the Kool Aid Kult is that two of the young people who actually had the temerity to work in the Doughty campaign two years ago were elected to the state committee Tuesday.

Amanda Peterson, age 19, ousted a Kultist in the Needham Senate district. And Dan Hickey, who’s maybe 25, won in Watertown. A kid from Boston College is up by 12 votes in Sen. Nick Collins’ South Boston-Dorchester district.

And now it’s over. But God, it was a nasty fight. The last couple of weeks I’ve felt like an Orkin exterminator, blasting bug spray into every corner, while worrying that some roaches or termites would somehow survive.

You couldn’t have a rational discussion with them, because they were all knuckleheads. It’s like Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan used to say, “Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, but not their own facts.”

So many appropriate quotes, so little space. I’ll close with one final statement from an old Yankee from Beacon Hill, Godfrey Lowell Cabot, who a century ago took out a pair of notoriously corrupt Democrat politicians. They were so incorrigibly evil that he practically had to do it single-handed.

“You can go out to kill a lion and gets lots of people to help you,” Cabot said years later. “But when you go out to kill a skunk, you’ve got to do it yourself.”

To everyone who was in the skunk posse during these past few weeks, thank you. It wasn’t much fun, but dammit, somebody had to do it.

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