Massachusetts, the land of the free (stuff)

So Massachusetts is now the most desirable resort destination in the Union for illegal freeloading foreigners, at least according to one new survey.

The attraction of the Bay State for all these Third World beggars can be summed up in two words:

Free stuff.

They say charity begins at home. Not if you’re from the Dominican Republic, or any of these other “tropical climes,” as John Silber used to say, and which President Trump has more recently described with an eight-letter word that begins with “s” and ends with “e.”

For those looking for a permanent vacation compliments of Tio Sam, charity begins in Massachusetts, specifically in our “gateway cities,” as the Democrats call the welfare magnets like Lawrence, Lynn, Chelsea, Brockton et al.

Here are two examples from earlier this week. The first comes courtesy of the New Hampshire State Police. In Salem NH they stopped a woman with a MA driver’s license identifying her as “Chelimar Gonzalez.”

Turns out her real name was Lilian Fana Martinez. She’s Dominican, and had stolen the identity of a US citizen from Puerto Rico. At age 28, he’d been in the States illegally for more than 10 years.

Lately she’s been living in Methuen, which is becoming a suburb of Lawrence. In April, a variety of law-enforcement agencies – ICE, Homeland Security, the NH State Police and Methuen cops – grabbed the illegal criminal at her home.

In the illegal’s home, the NH State Police said they found a cache of “healthcare benefits cards, ATM cards and credit cards in the name of the stolen identity that Martinez had been using.”

Healthcare benefits cards – that means MassHealth, Medicaid. We taxpayers see the EBT cards being used by these layabouts at the supermarket all the time, but their free health care is a much greater drain on the public purse. More than five years ago, then-Gov. Deval Patrick’s administration admitted that the state was paying at least $1.8 billion in welfare to illegals.

On Wednesday, in the legislative debate over the “millionaires’ tax,” Rep. Marc Lombardo mentioned the billions we spend to support these foreign loafers – it’s got to be way over $2 billion by now, especially with Pew Research Center now estimating that they’re pouring into the state in record numbers, at least 60,000 in the last decade.

Back to the NH State Police arrest report on the Dominican:

“Martinez was taken into federal custody on multiple charges including but not limited to health-care fraud and identity theft. She was recently extradited back to New Hampshire to face both misdemeanor and felony-level charges in two different locations.”

But Martinez is a piker compared to another Dominican illegal who was convicted of welfare fraud and identity theft in federal court in Boston Wednesday.

The US attorney’s office is calling him “John Doe,” because they still can’t figure out his real identity. In their press release they describe him as a “Roxbury man.”

According to the feds, for more than 40 years, “John Doe” has being living under the stolen identities and/or Social Security numbers of at least two different American citizens, which enabled him to, among other things, “apply for unemployment benefits and obtain public housing benefits for himself and his family.”

So John Doe was grabbing at least two forms of welfare he wasn’t entitled to, under two different Americans’ stolen identities. No wonder he ended up in Massachusetts. I wonder if he was living in Boston public housing – do you suppose he ever met his fellow BHA-squatting illegal, Barack Obama’s late aunt, Zeituni Onyango?

Before her death, Auntie Zeituni haughtily said on TV that God had no problem with her living on welfare in a foreign country — the United States. I don’t know about God, but her nephew certainly didn’t care.

Of course Massachusetts isn’t the only state that throws out the welcome mat to the flotsam of the Third World. Consider Rhode Island. Just ask a Dominican named Sonia Jourdain, who was charged last week in Providence with fraudulently using a Puerto Rican’s stolen identify to grab the full Tsarnaev of welfare benefits.

“It is alleged in court documents,” the US attorney in Providence said, “that Jourdain fraudulently received $9,942 in health care benefits, $5,928 in unemployment insurance benefits, $2,285 in TDI (temporary disability insurance) benefits, and more than $1,000 in SNAP (food stamp) benefits.”

Not bad, but think how much more she could have grabbed just a few miles north, in Massachusetts.

The Bruins may have lost, but when it comes to illegals arriving to go on welfare, the Bay State can still claim US bragging rights.

We’re number one! We’re number one!

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