Massachusetts State House hacks play the courthouse name game

The hackerama never slows down, never stops grabbing more and more and more, so we’ve got a lot to get through this morning.

Among other things, the hacks at the State House are now trying to name the superior courthouse in Dedham after Bill Delahunt. The godson of the unindicted coconspirator House speaker has just gotten another promotion. More liberal Democrat lawyers are getting judgeships from Tall Deval.

Let’s start with Brian Mirasolo, godson of Speaker Robert DeLeo. His daddy Lenny was a coat holder at the State House for DeLeo. According to testimony in the probation scandal trial in 2014, Lenny was the man to call in DeLeo’s office if a state rep needed a probation job – this was when DeLeo was running for speaker after his two predecessors pleaded guilty to federal felonies.

Among those hired in that feeding frenzy was the aforementioned Brian Mirasolo. The trial was very embarrassing, but the Speaker wasn’t indicted, after he spent $500,000 on legal fees.

And now DeLeo’s beloved godson Brian has just been promoted to deputy commissioner of the scandal-ridden department. The extremely qualified Mirasolo has had his pay upped from $132,231.34 a year to $139,720.39.

Another nationwide search! Does this mean the Speaker will seek yet another term in the House next year, to hang in there until Brian actually gets to be the “the Comish?”

DeLeo’s top lieutenant is Rep. Ron Mariano of Quincy. Ron just inserted a little stink bomb into the House budget – to name the courthouse in Dedham after Bill Delahunt, the dodgy ex-DA and Congressman.

I mean, seriously? Bill Delahunt? This bum was perhaps the biggest apologist in Congress for Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator who, with his successor, has plunged what was once the most prosperous nation in South America into a nightmare of poverty, violence and near civil war.

Look, if they ever build a Pension Double Dipper Hall of Fame, I’m all in for naming that edifice after Delahunt. In addition to his Congressional pension, Delahunt is grabbing $61,794 for his “public service” in the state hackerama.

And where does this new fad of naming courthouses for politicians end? I know, the district courthouse in Quincy is already named after ex-AG Frank Bellotti. So this unfortunate trend is currently confined to Norfolk County, but it’ll spread, guaranteed.

What’s next – the Bulgers’ South Boston District Courthouse? The Nicholas Mavroules Peabody District Courthouse? The Dianne Wilkerson Roxbury District Courthouse?

The Delahunt courthouse is tucked into the House budget, but I can’t see the Senate knocking it out in conference committee. Professional hack courtesy and all that. But I have an alternative suggestion – why don’t we start selling corporate-naming rights to the state courthouses?

Remember, when Delahunt left Congress, he tried to cash in on the “medicinal” marijuana gold rush. Don’t think it panned out, but he gave it to the old try, just like he did when he got his state pension upped after his disputed election to Congress.

Maybe one of the new weed companies could buy naming rights in Dedham and name it the William Delahunt-Acapulco Gold Courthouse. Perhaps Anheuser Busch or Miller Coors should buy naming rights to the Brockton courthouse, and name it after their famous impaired customer, Sen. Michael Brady….

Next, a couple of new judicial nominations. Jennifer Allen of Ashland is eminently qualified to serve as a probate judge – she gave $200 to Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito in 2017.

Then there’s the new nominee for the juvenile court, one Steven Bolivar of Shrewsbury, which is Ground Zero of the GOP hackerama in Massachusetts. It’s Karyn Polito’s hometown. Bolivar is big into taking care of lieutenant governors, but in his case, he duked $540 to Timothy “Crash” Murray, not to mention $100 to Crash’s boss, ex-Gov. Deval Patrick.

In other words, Bolivar has been lusting after those black robes for over a decade.

But why would Tall Deval hand an early-retirement golden parachute to someone like Bolivar? Especially when Bolivar has also given $300 to Rep. James O’Day, who is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. But that Worcester dolt will be in the news today, as the revenue-ravenous hacks begin the first steps towards putting a “millionaires’ tax” on the state ballot in 2022.

Oh well, you say, that new tax will only be for “millionaires.” Guess what – it doesn’t matter how you make, once they pass a graduated income tax, you’ll be a “millionaire.” At least for purposes of paying state income taxes.

This Trojan horse is O’Day’s baby, and now Tall Deval hands early retirement to one of O’Day’s most generous patrons. Thanks for nothing, Charlie.

Now, I must call the current Norfolk County district attorney, Mike Morrissey, and tell him he better get his dibs in on one of the few remaining unnamed courthouses in his county – Wrentham? Stoughton? Brookline?

Did you know that the late President George H.W. Bush was born in Norfolk County? Do you suppose Ron Mariano and the rest of the hacks on Beacon Hill would consider naming a courthouse after Poppy?

Nah, why would they ever name a courthouse after Bush 41? What would make yooze think Bush deserves to have a courthouse named after him? He was never district attorney. And even more importantly, he never grabbed two pensions.


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