Massachusetts Karens weep as end of coronavirus regulations approaches

For all the Karens of Maskachusetts, May 29 is shaping up as Black Saturday — the day the indoor mask mandate finally comes to its long-overdue end.

For all the Karens of Maskachusetts, May 29 is shaping up as Black Saturday — the day the indoor mask mandate finally comes to its long-overdue end.

Oh sure, the dead-enders in Brookline and Cambridge and the other people’s republics will hang on in defiance of common sense, much like the Japanese soldiers in the caves for decades after the end of World War II.

But the overblown Panic is finally on its last legs.

So stand by for the next twist in the ongoing scam – Karens are already declaring themselves victims of those evil, uh, science-deniers who are actually following the science and rejecting the Cult of Face Diapers.

You’ve already read about the guy who has a) survived the flu-like virus and b) been vaccinated, yet plans to cover his face forever and ever, amen.

Now the AP runs a piece about “workers” who have been brainwashed by the Faucist mass media into believing that they are actually at risk of … something.

“(They) fear they will be judged if they leave their own masks on, even though their reasons for doing so are varied.”

Imagine that — after more than a year of harassing anyone who could actually read charts and who didn’t buy into the agitprop, after setting up taxpayer-funded snitch lines to rat out heretics, and in some cases (as in Plaistow, N.H, Thursday night) actually arresting a Sunday-school teacher for not wearing a mask, now the mask Nazis suddenly “fear they will be judged.”

These are the same COVID comrades who told us it would take 15 days to flatten the curve — 15 months ago.

Since then we have been under the Yoke of Woke, bossed around by fear-mongering, power-tripping hacks and jackals like Gov. Charlie “Parker,” virtue-signaling authoritarians who flaunt their masks as a status symbol.

And now they’re begging us not to … judge them … for their despicable despotism?

It would take a heart of stone not to laugh.

The retail worker in the AP sob story — and you’ll be reading local variations on this theme all week — is so deranged that he runs to his car to eat lunch in order to avoid any “science deniers” in his store.

“He gets stares from shoppers and co-workers … ‘I know for a fact people have a negative opinion of me. … It’s become a divisive issue in the workplace.’”

You don’t say, Karen? But when you were calling the shots, and screaming and yelling at anybody who’d figured out the grift, that wasn’t “divisive?”

Now, though, as reality is finally rearing its unmasked head, Karen gets the vapors that “we have customers who literally cuss at us.”

Unlike, say, the wrinkly unhinged former TV reporter chasing an unmasked family around Castle Island with a cell-phone last summer. Or the endless stares and glares at customers who had the temerity to go down the wrong way in a one-way supermarket aisle, or who observed the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s three-foot social distancing guideline as opposed to its six-foot guideline?

Masks have become a mental illness, tolerated because it’s predominantly affecting the privileged, over-educated Trustafarian class in the suburbs. Those who believe in nothing will fall for anything.

Other countries were infected long before the U.S. — I mean by the mask insanity, not the virus.

As far back as 2009, the syndrome was identified in Japan as “mask dependency.”

According to a story I found on an Asian website, in Japan over 60% of the mask addicts are women, usually in their 30s or 40s. Just like here, in other words.

“It has reached a stage where they cannot go out without wearing a mask.”

Boy, has Karen got a surprise coming next Saturday, or even sooner, if she ever ventures outside the borders of Charlie Baker’s police state.

Charlie’s dead-enders are the same people who last summer told pollsters that the Panic had killed 30 million Americans. They’re CNN viewers, in other words.

Now, as the hours tick down to Armageddon next Saturday, Karen scours the internet, searching desperately for reassuring news, anything to halt the back-sliding. What about the New York Yankees who tested positive? And variants — oh my God, do the teachers’ unions love scare headlines about variants.

It’s their ticket to another year of paid vacation.

Sadly for Karen, even many Biden voters have figured out the grift. That’s why all the bust-out blue-state governors are trying to bribe their constituents to get a Fauci ouchie — with donuts, burgers, fries, beer, wine, scholarships, even cash lotteries.

If you have to pay people off to get the “life-saving” jabs, they must not be that worried. Or perhaps they’re more concerned about the vaccine than about the flu.

As one wag observed, “If I want to win a million bucks in a lottery, I’d rather buy a ticket than get my ticket punched.”

Look on the bright side, though, Karen. At least Maskachusetts will be the last state in New England to end the madness. Nothing much has really changed here since the Salem witch trials.

In the days of the old Washington Senators baseball team, there used to be a joke about Washington: “First in war, first in peace and last in the American League.”

As far as New England is concerned, it can likewise be said of Maskachusetts: “First in deaths, first in unemployment and last in ending the hoax.”

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