Massachusetts common origin for members of the Brotherhood of the Liberal World Order

Why is it that the most smug, entitled, tone-deaf, trust-funded supercilious pajama boys always turn out to be from Massachusetts?

Why is it that the most smug, entitled, tone-deaf, trust-funded supercilious pajama boys always turn out to be from Massachusetts?

C’mon down, Brian Deese, director of Dementia Joe Biden’s National Economic Council. Last week, Deese was asked on CNN how long the American people would have to cope with outrageously high gas prices in the wake of a war in eastern Europe that nobody cares about.

This was Deese’s answer:

“This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”

By “we,” he means “you.” You have to stand firm. It’s about the Liberal World Order, the LWO.

If you can no longer afford to drive your car as much or fill up your boat with diesel this summer, that’s just too bad. If you freeze in the dark next winter, well, it’s a small price to pay for the Great Reset. Just ask George Soros or Klaus Schwab or Dr. Anthony Fauci.

“This is about the future of the liberal world order.”

I heard that sound cut and I immediately thought that only one state in the Union could have produced such a preening, pablum-puking pampered poodle.

And yes indeed, this beta-male tribune of the LWO is from… Belmont.

The only surprise in Deese’s C.V. is that he didn’t go to the Belmont Hill School, la-de-dah alma mater of the Romney boys as well as “Admiral” Rachel (formerly Richard) Levine and Gen. “Thoroughly Modern” Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Belmont used to be famous for a mental institution. Now it appears the entire town has become an insane asylum, like so many other People’s Republics in the Commonwealth.

This Deese bird is a wokester’s wokester. American Greatness did a deep dive into his background, and he checks every PC box except one — he’s married to a woman, although she still apparently goes by her maiden name, just as Deese’s mother does.

It’s a Liberal World Order tradition.

His father is a political science professor at Boston College. His mother is a retired state hack ($25,666 pension since 2003) who now is in “advocacy” for something called Conservation Services Group.

Their pride and joy went to Middlebury College. In what was likely the greatest disappointment in his glittering career as a Democrat payroll patriot, in his senior year Brian was merely a “finalist” for a Rhodes Scholarship.

In other words, Deese couldn’t quite reach the august level of such fatuous Democrat grandees as Bill Clinton, Robert B. Reich and Corey Booker, to name but a few of the student-government-type bum kissers who have since graduated into the upper levels of the LWO.

Most people, when they get out of college, even chi-chi PC bastions that cost upwards of $70,000 a year, go out and get real jobs.

Not Brian Deese. See, he’s from a different part of Massachusetts than you and me.

Following the traditional LWO career trajectory, Deese became a “junior fellow” at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, after which he was promoted to “research assistant” at the Center for Global Development.

From there, it was on to the pinnacle of paper-shuffling at the Center for American Progress as a “senior policy analyst.”

He also had a cup of coffee at Yale Law School because that’s where all the Beautiful People go, if their chauffeured limousine doesn’t drop them off at Harvard Law.

He naturally worshipped Hillary Clinton. When her 2008 campaign failed, he developed an equally ardent crush on Barack Obama, who reciprocated by putting the nice young man who’d never worked a day in his life in charge of the auto-industry bailout.

Even The New York Times was gob-smacked: “Meet the 31-Year-Old in Charge of Dismantling GM.”

But Obama appreciated Deese’s fabulousness. After all, Barry had lived in Massachusetts as well, when he went to Harvard Law, like Jamie Raskin, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and too many other card-carrying LWO fellow-travelers to mention.

Obama told fake-news magazine Rolling Stone in 2016 that Deese “may have helped save the planet.”

So when Orange Man Bad became president, Deese was picked up on waivers by, where else, the Kennedy School, also known as Camelot High. Another nationwide search!

He quickly landed at BlackRock, the wokest of woke Wall Street. He became “Global Head of Sustainable Investing.” Hmmm, sounds a bit like the no-heavy-lifting sinecure that Deval Patrick was handed as a consolation prize at Bain Capital.

These are the kind of jobs (as opposed to work) that are reserved for Social Justice Warriors if there are no openings in HR.

According to CNBC, when Brandon selected him to run interference for the LWO at the White House, Larry Fink was paying him at least $2.3 million a year.

The lesson here is, you can’t beat being in the International Brotherhood of the Liberal World Order. The LWO offers a much more lucrative package of benefits than Teamsters Local 25 or Carmen’s Local 589.

So now, at age 42, Deese has his dream job — Baghdad Bob for the LWO. Just another Democrat lunatic from Massachusetts, like Brandon’s other cosmic climate clowns, John Kerry and Gina McCarthy.

You know, I remember when I was a kid in what became the 413 area code. I lived near corn fields, where farmers raised feed grain for their dairy cows. There was a pickle-processing plant nearby, and a tool-and-die factory on the other side of the Deerfield River. A few miles away, in Springfield, guns were manufactured, and gas pumps for what was Standard Oil.

Massachusetts used to produce goods that Americans wanted, and needed. Now we produce… Brian Deeses.

Deese is a modern-day Fortunate Son. When you ask ’em how much should you give, they only answer more. When the band plays Hail to the Chief, they point the cannon at you.

“This is about the future of the Liberal World Order, and we have to stand firm.”

Include me out.

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