Massachusetts climate hack fits in well with Charlie Baker & Co.

Until now, did you even know that the state had a $130,000-a-year “undersecretary of climate change?”

Until now, did you even know that the state had a $130,000-a-year “undersecretary of climate change?”

Or that his job description includes, in the bragging coat holder’s own words, “breaking the will” of the working classes of Massachusetts by raising the cost of fuel so high that they can no longer afford to either heat their homes or drive their cars?

Can somebody say Transportation Climate Initiative?

Meet David Ismay, a 49-year-old blow-in drifter and bust-out lawyer from California who is now living the high life in a mansion in Chestnut Hill.

Here is how Ismay described his dream job, at a conference last month with a bunch of similarly entitled, trust-funded ersatz hippies from Vermont:

“Sixty percent of our emissions that need to be reduced come from you, the person across the street, the senior on fixed income, right? There is no bad guy left in Massachusetts to point the
finger at, to turn the screws on and, you know, break their will so they stop emitting.

“That’s you. We have to break your will. Right? I can’t even say that publicly.”

I offered Ismay a chance to come on my radio show Friday to discuss his stated goals of “breaking the will” of and “turning the screws on” people who actually work for a living.

Naturally, he declined.

How moronic is Ismay, going all Jonathan Gruber like this?

The answer is, he’s a Rhodes scholar, one of those perennial bum-kissing student-leader types who, post-Oxford, flit from one la-de-da no-heavy-lifting sinecure to another, always trading off
their allegedly prestigious credentials, never accomplishing much of anything, but somehow always failing … upward.

This is why Ismay fits in so perfectly in the administration of the man Joe Biden calls Gov. Charlie Parker, as well as his direct boss, the environmental secretary Climate Katie Theoharides. Birds of a feather …

For the last year, Parker himself has done little else except try to “break the will” of those who elected him, with his hysterical overreactions to a seasonal virus that other governors have managed to handle without decimating their state’s economies.

This is why Ismay still has a job today. Asked Friday about Ismay’s dark, fascistic musings, his boss shrugged them off.

“Um,” Charlie Parker said, “first of all, no one who works in our administration should be saying or thinking anything like that – ever.”

So this was the old D.C. definition of a gaffe — inadvertently blurting out the truth.

“Secretary Theoharides is going to have a conversation with, um, him about that.”

In other words, Charlie Parker, a supercilious Harvard snot who lives on a palatial estate in Swampscott and hasn’t lost a single penny of his $250,000-a-year pay during the dystopian disaster he’s authored, instructs Climate Katie, a Dartmouth puke who lives in her own mansion in chi-chi Arlington and likewise hasn’t given up a penny of her $170,405.81-a-year salary, to
have a chat with the Rhodes scholar who hasn’t even bothered to change his old cell phone number from the 510 area code in radical-chic Berkeley, Calif.

For a year now, all of them have been relishing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to break the will of everyone who, unlike them, wasn’t born with a silver spoon in their mouths.

Ismay’s only mistake was letting the cat out of the bag to a bunch of his fellow Bernie Sanders acolytes.

But imagine the hubris of the state government of Maskachusetts presuming to cure “climate change,” whatever that might entail.

After all, this is the same incompetent government that has presided over the deaths of one of every eight nursing-home residents in the state — the highest per-capita death toll in the nation.

The commonwealth has also shed 9.1% of its entire workforce — the fourth highest job-loss toll in the U.S.

Yet these same hacks, none of whom have been laid off, give themselves raises and bonuses while not even bothering to come to work, instead wallowing in unprecedented levels of greed
and corruption — the State Police, the Registry of Motor Vehicles, the MBTA, Massport, UMass, etc.

Now Charlie Parker has totally botched the rollout of the vaccination program, again dropping the state into the bottom quintile, behind even Mississippi in efficient delivery of inoculations.
But all that really matters is that we have an “undersecretary of climate change.”

Why stop there, though? Shouldn’t Climate Katie, with her very impressive master’s degree from UMass-Boston, be tackling other intractable problems of nature that have bedeviled
mankind through the ages?

Doesn’t Massachusetts need an “undersecretary of volcanoes?” Perhaps deputy commissioner of earthquakes, or clerk of sunspots? Senior administrator of continental drift?

One final question: It’s supposed to snow Sunday. If Boston gets more than a dusting, what are the odds that the esteemed undersecretary of climate change gets Monday off as a non
essential state employee?

Breaking the will of the people may have to wait until Tuesday. A snow day comes first!

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