Masking COVID truth (Biden needs the Panic)

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Have you ever noticed that the lower Joe Biden sinks in the polls, the more the hysteria about COVID is ramped up in state-run media?

After all, the Panic worked so well for the Democrats in 2020. The Wuhan flu was, as Jane Fonda candidly put it, “God’s gift to the left.”

So now it’s election year again, which means that in three… two… one….

The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Like Freddy Kruger or the Terminator, COVID is back. And this time, it’s really bad. Pinky promise.

It’s the end of the world! And there’s only one way to save the planet from this deadly plague that more than 99 percent of its victims survive — mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, widespread looting and rioting as well as year-long vacations for all hacks in the public sector.

In a single headline, the Daily Mail summed up the left’s blockbuster new disaster movie, PANIC 2024!

“New fast-spreading COVID variant may be more deadly than earlier versions, ‘worrisome’ study warns.”

There it is, the Biden re-election plan boiled down to 15 words.

The Democrats’ problem is that the first dozen or so COVID variants turned out to be a lot closer to the flu, or the common cold, than to the bubonic plague.

So to keep the gag going in this latest sequel, Biden’s amen chorus in state-run media keep rebranding the flim-flam with new and ever scarier “variants.” I mean, have you ever read about a “slow-spreading variant?”

Of course not. Who’s going to open a story about a “slow-spreading variant?”

And naturally the new, improved variant must be “more deadly.” In clickbait class, you learn never to use the words “less deadly.”

You want worrisome? Worrisome for state-run media would be a variant that is both slow-spreading and less deadly. Thus, we never have any.

Perhaps you know the old saying that, no matter how you slice it, it’s still baloney. Maybe you think that the Deep State is just making it all up again, like it’s 2020 again, marking every single death down as COVID to frighten the no-info Democrat voters.

But no, the public health-industrial complex has irrefutable scientific evidence of the new plague. It’s called wastewater. In ancient pagan times, the oracles and prophets studied the entrails of slaughtered animals to predict the future.

Now, in modern pagan times, to predict the future, oracles in white lab coats study… human excrement, also known as wastewater.

Whatever wastewater says, goes. Do not doubt me. Especially here in Boston.

The Herald: “Boston-area COVID wastewater data spikes.”

The Globe: “Coronavirus levels in Boston-area wastewater have surged to second highest point since pandemic began.”

Stop me if you’ve read these headlines before. Over and over and over again, especially every January. Even the Democrat operatives with press passes understand this. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Thus, the WBUR headline:

“This one is different.”

That was from last year, by the way. It was a tired scam even then. But this year the Panic must be ramped up big time, because it may be the only way to drag Biden across the finish line.

There’s another reason why PANIC 2024! is opening wide this week. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the patron saint of panic, is again testifying under oath before a Congressional committee.

His testimony is of course behind closed doors, but the Republicans on the committee have been issuing daily summations.

On Monday, more than 100 times Fauci answered questions about his disastrous COVID record by saying he “did not recall.”

Amazing, but that wasn’t even his personal best in selective amnesia. Back in late 2022, Fauci was questioned under oath about his conniving with social media to suppress “disinformation,” which is another way of saying “truth that embarrasses Democrats.”

That day, Fauci “did not recall” 174 times.

According to the GOP’s summary of his testimony Monday, Fauci was confronted with an email showing that he was aware of gain-of-function research in the Red Chinese lab that US taxpayers at least partially paid for.

Fauci said he should not have stated that as “fact.”

Once again, he disputed the definition of “gain of function.” He admitted he signed off on grants for Jurassic Park-like research without even bothering to read the proposals. Fauci said he could not “confirm” whether the feds had any “oversight” on his agency’s mad-scientist projects.

In short, Fauci’s testimony was just another load of… wastewater.

Despite its huge marketing budget, early reviews of PANIC 2024 are not encouraging.

There was a sneak preview in St. Louis last week. The city’s health director – one Matifadza Hlatshwayo Davis — issued a mask mandate for hacks, er, employees. That was Thursday. On Friday, less than 24 hours later, the mandate was rescinded.

One local hospital said it was “not seeing a strain on hospital capacity.” A second St. Louis hospital shrugged it off as a “typical winter.”

Needless to say, neither of those Missouri hospitals is going to get any big new federal grants anytime soon.

Then New York City followed suit, like Mass General, bringing back the mask mandate in all 11 city-run hospitals because of the “uptick.”

The New York Post summed it up in an editorial: “Mask Madness Returns.”

In April 2020, the Post noted, the city was reporting 700 deaths a day. Now, they’re claiming the toll is four. The reports of new cases in New York are about 2000 a day – one-twentieth of what they were the last time Democrats were trying to get rid of Donald Trump.

But still, all the Anthony Fauci and Charlie Baker types are demanding that everyone get “boosted.” Why? Because it will “boost” the profits of Pfizer, and it might even boost Dementia Joe’s abysmal poll numbers.

What happens next with PANIC 2024? Well, the New Hampshire primary is Jan. 23. If Biden, who isn’t even on the ballot, does okay on the Democrat side, maybe state-run media will dial back the hysteria.

But if Biden loses to Rep. Dean Phillips, or even if Phillips come close, the Democrats may have to cancel the Super Bowl.

How many more years of this wastewater do we have to put up with?

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