Mandate mania still infecting Democrats

It’s been obvious for some time now that COVID-19 was never much more than a cult. But now, as everything falls apart, even the media sycophants among the faithful are admitting the obvious.

It’s been obvious for some time now that COVID-19 was never much more than a cult. But now, as everything falls apart, even the media sycophants among the faithful are admitting the obvious.

Here’s the headline from Politico: “Democrats are losing their religion on universal masking.”

Down south, they call it backslidin’. There’s a great old Gospel hymn, “Gimme That Old Time Religion!”

Sing it, Charlie Parker: It was good enough for Anthony Fauci, and it’s good enough for me!

But now Panic Porn is in full retreat. The fearmongers are being cast out of the temple. Even the blue states are falling like dominoes.

As always when a God fails, a handful of true believers refuse to convert. Instead, they try to slow the advance of the infidels with rearguard actions.

Consider Virginia. The new Republican governor, Glenn Youngkin, immediately ordered an end to the Democrats’ school-mask mandates. You can probably guess what happened next, and who did it.

Check out this headline from the Washington Post:

“ACLU challenges Youngkin order mandating choice on school masks.”

Mandating choice! How dare the GOP… mandate choice? Imagine, the American Civil Liberties Union has gone to court to deny Americans their civil liberties to … choose.

Before they accepted COVID as their Lord and Savior, a lot of these Covidians had bumper stickers on their Teslas that said, “I’m pro-choice and I vote!”

Now, the ACLU complains that choice is, what, a hate crime?

But this always happens as a religion begins to wither away. The born-again try to burn heretics at the stake, like they were Joe Rogan or Dr. Scott Atlas or somebody. Anything to keep the gag going.

As Christianity overran the Roman Empire, the Vestal Virgins hung in for centuries, still getting tax subsidies as late as A.D. 382. The Oracle of Delphi wasn’t evicted from the Temple until 390.

Every faith develops its own methods of communicating with the faithful, and to proselytize among the damned. On cable, Catholics have the EWTN network, evangelical Protestants TBN and CBN, among many others.

The Cult of COVID quickly developed its own Society for the Propagation of the Faith. COVID’s equivalent of dollar-a-holler religious stations includes, just to name a few, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, CNBC, PBS, etc. They preach the Gospel, 24/7, praise Fauci!

Likewise, in the past two years, almost every newspaper in the country has become a religious tract, not terribly different from The Watchtower. Except that the Jehovah’s Witnesses pack a lot better writing, and more real reporting, into The Watchtower than most of the nation’s dailies do in their daily — hourly — COVID “updates.”

What’s really killing the Cult of COVID is that most successful religions offer their flocks some sort of solace — if not the prospect of eternal life, at least peace of mind in the material world. All COVID ever offered was purgatory, or limbo.

It did have its own Lucifer — Donald J. Trump — and his fallen archangels, the Deplorables.

But once Orange Man Bad had been cast into the darkness, the religion’s whole rationale was gone. Instead of The Rapture, we got Dementia Joe Biden, runaway inflation, Afghanistan, shortages of everything, millions of illegal aliens, drug overdoses, rampant crime, free crack pipes, in short, a nightmare worse than the Book of Revelations or Nostradamus could have ever imagined.

No wonder the pews are empty. The mid-terms are coming, Brandon’s approval rating has sunk lower than Trump’s, and nobody genuflects to St. Anthony of Fauci anymore. At least not if they’re going to be on the ballot in November.

Did you see Gov. Charlie Parker when he announced the end of the mask mandates at the State House? He looked like a grief counselor had already confiscated his belt and shoe-laces.

When he spoke, it was obvious he was heartbroken, devastated. Can we get a wellness check at the Corner Office?

What an alarming decline from last year, when Tall Deval was gleefully railing against Super Bowl parties, warning his subjects against even thinking about any “shared” drinks or food with their neighbors.

You know damn well that if he could have, the RINO governor would have banned, not only guacamole, but also avocados, so that those damnable bitter clingers couldn’t make their own dip and then wickedly “share” it with all the other MAGA-hat-wearing tradesmen.

For the Democrats, it’s Sunday morning comin’ down, and they wish to God that they were stoned. Just a few months ago, questioning the COVID orthodoxy wasn’t just lese majeste, it was blasphemy. Now, people are thinking about having … fun.

It’s the end of the world.

I checked out the message boards at the Globe yesterday to see how the faithful are reacting to this Armageddon. The answer is, not well.

From Mom’s basement, they were yelling at the sky, railing about “throwing caution to the wind” and how “there’s no road map for what comes next.” (Freedom, perhaps?)

One Maura Healey acolyte was bemoaning the “inequities” in vaccines. (I thought they were free.)

In the same week that a non-mask-wearing female high school student in Illinois was menaced by a knife-wielding young masked Democrat, another Globe subscriber dithered about potential “bullying” of the devout, I mean masked, in the schools.

Look on the bright side, all you trustafarians and blow-in drifters. Mayor Garcetti in Los Angeles can finally breathe again. Here in Massachusetts, Parker decreed that the masks don’t come off until Feb. 28 — 19 days to flatten the curve of panic in the teachers’ unions.

Just get yourselves back to the basement, Cuomosexuals. Tweet out another denunciation of Joe Rogan or Tucker Carlson. Double mask yourself, to offset all us heathens and our crimes against humanity.

Besides, it’s only a matter of time until the Democrats’ Ministry of Truth rewrites history once again:

“Democrats Repeal Reviled Trump-Era Mandates.”

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Trump did it! Whatever it is, if it’s bad, Trump did it.

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