Madness Over Migrants Afflicts Even Dems

This “migrant” crisis has gotten so big that even the sleepwalking Boston Globe has finally noticed that there may be a problem here with their beloved celebration of diversity.

Headline: “Influx of migrants in Massachusetts continues to overwhelm state resources – and more may be on the way.”

Stop the damn presses! Who knew?

On the very same day that the Globe was bemoaning the end of Title 42 and imminent realization of what the moonbats have always claimed they wanted, the US attorney in Boston announced yet another wondrous side benefit of Democrat beneficence to the Third World.

“Chelsea Man Indicted for Fentanyl Trafficking and Unlawful Reentry into the United States.”

What? If he’s a “Chelsea Man” that makes him a citizen, does it not, and thus how can he be unlawfully reentering America?

Of course, Luis Alberto German-Peguero, a/k/a “Alberto Chirry,” is not really a Chelsea man. They just say that because… Democrats.

Crime… welfare dependency… infectious diseases… out of control drugs… what could possibly go wrong?

During the 2020 campaign, Brandon rang the dinner bell for the huddled masses of the Third World. Come on down, amigos! As the old song goes, “Everything Free in America.”

When the MS 13 gangbangers and assorted other undocumented Democrats with their hands out were all just flopping in Texas and Arizona and Florida, the left was happy. The deplorables were getting just what they deserved!

Then the governors started shipping them to the “sanctuary cities” (and Martha’s Vineyard) and suddenly there was a serious outbreak of Not In My Backyard among the upper crust.

Next the mayors of the crime-infested Democrat cities began shipping the indolent indigents to the suburbs and now it’s really getting nasty.

Headline in the New York Post yesterday about Mayor Eric Adams:

“Adams rips Rockland Co. exec as ‘anti-Semitic’ as migrants head to Orange County motel.”

Anti-Semitic? This is over a handful of invaders. Same thing happened on the South Side of Chicago the other night. The residents of a black neighborhood went apoplectic over a similar influx of undocumented Democrats.

“How could you do that without consulting us?” one woman screamed.

The fact is they’re getting what they voted for. The Chicago crowd supported both Brandons – Biden and Johnson, the new mayor. This must be what they wanted, right?

A century ago, H.L. Mencken described what’s happening now.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Yes, they deserve it, but what about the rest of us? We understood that any society without borders is doomed. See, the Roman Empire, Decline and Fall of.

The Globe story mentioned how two years ago, the state was putting up 10 “families” in hotels. Now the number is 882. The town of Kingston, among others, could not be reached for comment.

Fortunately, the hackerama has figured out how to handle the influx. The state Senate, it is reported by the State House News Service, “will push to offer lower, in-state tuition rates to undocumented immigrants.”

What that means, in effect, is free tuition. So we’re offering them still more welfare. Yes, that should certainly slow the flow of welfare-grubbing foreign deadbeats into the Commonwealth.

Senate President Karen Spilka was quoted as saying, “Twenty-three states plus D.C. already have this. We have to be competitive as well.”

Competitive in what regard? Getting more illegals banging their tin cups on the State House steps for more handouts?

It used to be said this was just a “border state” problem. Now every state is a border state. Do you know the little town of Sanford Maine? It’s in York County, the prototypical working-class New England community. Now busloads of non-working-class foreigners are arriving. There’s no room for them, but they’re arriving.

Yesterday, a busload of illegals was dropped off at the D.C. mansion of “border czar” Kamala Harris. The DHS secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, called it “a sad and tragic day.”

How about when they arrive at a motel in a typical American neighborhood? Is that sad and tragic? Or even when they decide to turn block after block in midtown Manhattan into a Third World barrio? Are they making the neighborhoods better or worse?

On Wednesday night in Manchester NH, CNN held a “town hall” with Donald Trump. Afterwards, the hacks who lied for years about the Russian collusion hoax (and everything else) tried to fact-check everything that Trump said.

I noticed that one statement of Trump that none of the fact checkers challenged was this one:

“We have open borders, look at what’s happening on our southern border. They’re being released from prisons. They’re being released from mental institutions and we have millions of people pouring into our county, and now they’re getting rid of Title 42, which I put on.”

About a decade ago, when there were still Republicans at the State House, somebody demanded to know how much money then-Gov. Deval Patrick was doling out to illegal aliens (as opposed to foreign terrorists like the Tsarnaevs, who were here legally).

The number was $1.3 billion. Even though we knew it was a lot more, it seemed outrageous at the time. Now a mere billion-three for illegal-alien welfare seems like the Good Old Days.

Remember how last fall the Beautiful People of Martha’s Vineyard said they welcomed Gov. Ron DeSantis’ illegal aliens and will forever cherish the 44 hours they spent with the teeming masses before the National Guard ejected them from the halcyon resort.

Now’s the time for Martha’s Vineyard to step back into the breech.

How many illegal aliens can we put you Beautiful People on Martha’s Vineyard down for this time?

At least 50,000, I would think. Anything less would be a sad and tragic day.

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