Now, MA teachers union wants to abolish testing

Why work when you can pass a ballot question to do nothing?

The Massachusetts Teachers Association is at it again. 

Despite controlling most of the members of the legislature with their so-called independent campaign expenditures, this powerful union is pushing another statewide ballot question. 

Last year, they were successful in passing the graduated income tax or as they called it the “millionaires’ tax.”  They went door to door to get left-leaning voters to do mail-in ballots to win the narrow victory which has plummeted the Commonwealth to the fifth worst state business tax climate in the nation. 

In other words, don’t come to Massachusetts to start a business. 

With all the new-found money for education from the so-called millionaires’ tax, the union doesn’t want to improve the educational system for the next generation. They want to make their lives even easier by getting rid of the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) graduation testing requirements. No longer would teachers have to put in the effort of working to educate students enough to pass this test. 

Why work when you can pass a ballot question to do nothing?

One school official complained that “MCAS is unfair” due to the minimum threshold for proficiency.  Oh no, our children would have to be proficient in reading, writing, math, science and history. That’s a crime! They might actually have to know how to write a complete, grammatical sentence. LOL!

The teachers’ union and opponents also claim that MCAS restricts the curriculum too much to materials covered by the tests. I guess there are no questions on critical race theory or gender issues on it. When statutes of Abraham Lincoln are being taken down because people don’t know history, then I believe we should be increasing the MCAS proficiency requirements, not abolishing the test. Our society has already been dumbed down enough.

But the real reason why the union wants to get rid of the MCAS is because these tests expose which teachers are not doing their jobs. The results give parents the information on the quality of their children’s educations. If students in one class are all failing the MCAS, it is easy to conclude that the “educator” is doing a lousy job educating the next generation.  

So it is not just liberals ruining the Commonwealth. It is the MTA!

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