Told You So! MA’s revenue issue was foreseeable

Absolutely priceless!

Who could have predicted this?  On the day Gov. Maura Healey signs the biggest supplemental budget in our state’s history to pay for housing and lawyers for illegal immigrants, the Department of Revenue announces that tax collections are down. 

Last month the Commonwealth collected $131 million less than November 2022.  Here’s the real kicker.  The total amount collected was $274 million less than the Healey administration had predicted.  Oops. 

Wasn’t it predicted that tax revenue would fall if the millionaire’s tax passed because so many people would relocate? Yes, it was. 

The Taxachusetts revenue news gets worse. So far, the state is $627 million short of Healey’s predictions for this fiscal year. As it stands today, there is going to be a massive shortfall in paying for the $56 billion bloated budget Bacon Hill passed in July and $3.1 billion supplemental budget the geniuses just passed.

Now the logical step would be to start curtailing spending immediately so this budget shortfall doesn’t end up being billions of dollars. But the Healey administration’s response was to “urge caution against extrapolating based on the numbers so far this fiscal year.” In other words, ignore the data! That’s a plan, but it is not a good one. 

The rumors are that her next step on spending is to file another supplemental budget either late this month or next to provide more money for illegal-alien flophouses. These bills are going to come due! If Healey doesn’t start cutting spending today, the state is going to have to raid the rainy-day fund or raise taxes. So we will be paying higher taxes to give EBT cards to illegals arriving with their hands out demanding a free ride forever.

Who could have predicted that this Democrat Governor would spend our state into fiscal chaos? I think we all knew her plan was never to make Massachusetts affordable as she promised in her campaign commercials. 

I wish Massachusetts had a way to recall governors.

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