How Long Can MA Keep Ranked Choice Voting at Bay?

To repeat, this idea failed in Massachusetts. Shouldn’t that be enough to kill this stupid idea?

Just like illegal immigration, the problem of Ranked Choice Voting is getting worse.

To every sane person’s relief, Massachusetts voters rejected Ranked Choice Voting 55 to 44 percent in 2020.  It was a decisive defeat!  While we on the right believe that the liberals should get the hint to go away with this dumb idea, the liberals keep on pressing.

If they lose, they just try again. Once they win—if, God forbid, they win—whatever their cockamamie scam is instantly becomes… settled law. 

The Massachusetts branch of RCV is now pushing municipalities to adopt it for local elections and they have also filed legislation at the State House.  If this were a Republican idea defeated at the ballot box, the mainstream media would be roasting us for still pursuing a failed idea. 

Unfortunately, the news gets worse. Like COVID, RCV is spreading across the nation. More than 100 RCV bills have been filed nationwide in state legislatures this year. That’s more than twice the number in 2022.

To repeat, this idea failed in Massachusetts. Shouldn’t that be enough to kill this stupid idea? 

Oregon did not get the message.  They recently enacted HB.2004 which requires RCV for federal and statewide office and it authorizes municipalities to voluntarily implement it for local elections. You would think with all the problems facing Oregon, that state might have focused on something like public safety instead of further screwing up their balloting process. 

Closer to home, the state of Vermont passed H.508 that required the city of Burlington to use RCV. It is Burlington, so who cares! That city went to the dark side eons ago – when Bernie Sanders won his landslide election (by 10 votes) in 1981. 

New York, Minnesota, and Illinois have the most bills filed to implement RCV while Texas is pushing legislation to block it. 

Where are they getting the money to keep going? 

RCV is funded by Action Now, a known Social Justice organization.  This group’s biggest benefactor is John Arnold of Houston, Texas. He is a hedge fund guy, who worked at Enron. Could there be a pattern?  More recently, he has been investing in solar farms. Wonder why he would want more liberals elected? 

Arnold also funded the referendum to decriminalize all drugs in Oregon. In other words, he is a rocket scientist when it comes to making our country a better place to live and raise a family—not!

It is time for some conservative hedge fund guys to step forward to push our right agenda non-stop.  Let’s stop being intimidated by bad press and fight back.

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