Lots for illegals, but no mo’ dough for MA

We are entering a very dangerous time of the year for taxpayers. Just a few days after we send money from our hard-earned paychecks to the government to pay our 2023 state tax bills, next week the Massachusetts House will be debating the Commonwealth’s FY 2025 budget.

And it is never pretty for those who work for a living.

Already the games have begun.

The proposed House budget contains $500 million in assorted welfare benefits for illegals.

Now you might think it is a relief that the House has cut in half Gov. Maura Healey’s request of a billion dollars. But the hacks are just playing a shell game here.

Speaker Ron Mariano knows that the destabilizing influx is extremely unpopular with voters and that the costs for the state are already far above a half a billion dollars.

So Mariano is temporarily shorting all the foreign freeloaders from the Third World so that his members, who are seeking re-election in November, can claim that they are making cuts.

I can hear it now — “We funded just enough so children would not be sleeping in the streets.”

Once the November elections are safely won, Mariano will push through a huge supplemental budget to keep the unlimited freebies coming for the non-working criminals. And the problem will only get worse because the legislature has done absolutely nothing to stop Massachusetts from being a magnet for these entitled undocumented Democrats.

The General Court refuses to amend the state’s insane right-to-shelter law. That means the illegals will keep on coming and going on permanent vacations. And we will keep on working and working to pay for their free rides.

I mean, if you heard about a place that was offering you a permanent vacation – forever, no questions asked, and not only did you never have to work again, but that you also didn’t have to bother obeying your new home’s laws or even learn its language – wouldn’t you think about flopping into the Commonwealth?

Why are they coming here? They heard there was no work.

The billions-for-illegal-loafers is not the only game that will be played. House leadership is going to bundle hundreds of amendments into a couple of giant amendments so we have no idea of what is being approved. This is how the legislature passed their big pay raises a few years ago.

Another trick they will probably pull is claiming that no tax increases are included in the new budget. But in fact, they will rubber-stamp language allowing municipalities to increase taxes, such as allowing communities to double their automobile-excise taxes.

(Are your roads getting better or worse – askin’ for a friend.)

See why I am warning you that next week could be very hazardous for taxpayers on Beacon Hill?

I would suggest that you tune in to watch the session, but 99% of the discussion and bundling of amendments happens behind closed doors to keep us in the dark.

The bottom line will be that the freeloading illegal aliens and assorted other special interest groups will eventually end up with more of our money.

Bottom line: Money from the working classes of Massachusetts will be confiscated and redistributed to the non-working classes, who are increasingly not even American citizens and many of whom are criminals.

This is what a one-party state looks like.

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