Liz Warren’s lack of honesty off-putting

Here’s a suggested New Year’s resolution for Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Stop the lying, fake Indian!

Just say no. One day at a time … try to tell the truth.

Speaking with forked tongue for many moons not good look for paleface who wish to become Great White Father.

The fake Indian’s entire political career has been built on duplicity, disingenuousness and just plain lying, but the 70-year-old solon seems to have set an all-time record in 2019. I’m not just talking about her recent wine-cave hypocrisy, and then trying to justify it by claiming she was peddling her vintages for “only” $49 a bottle — how many Americans ever spend $49 on a bottle of wine?

Where to begin?

Earlier this year, she was saying on the campaign trail that she’d only practiced law for “about 45 minutes.” Then she put out a list of 56 corporate clients, which was up from 13 when she first ran for the Senate in 2012.

Now the fake Indian admits she made $1.9 million representing Big Bad Corporate America. If she did indeed practice law for only 45 minutes, that must mean she must have been billing $2.5 million an hour!

Then there was the lie during a debate about her son going to public school (OK, it was only five years — the first five). Earlier, she claimed she got fired from her only public-school teaching job because she was pregnant (minutes of the 1971 school board meeting proved that statement … inoperative, as they used to say).

Last month she tweeted out, “I got my degree thanks to a quality public college where tuition was just $50 a semester.”

But earlier this week, she was tweeting, “By the time I graduated high school, my family couldn’t even afford a college application — much less four years of college.”

But … but … didn’t she get a scholarship to George Washington University, which she dropped out of after a couple of years to get married? You see how she twists facts around?

There’s a difference between having no money for college and giving up your scholarship, just like there’s a difference between quitting your job teaching because you got bored and getting fired because you were pregnant.

Now it turns out that her own family is not happy about her endless lies. I learned this in the Boston Globe’s weekly puff piece about the fake Indian. Usually they’re gushing about her golden retriever Bailey — how he replaced her equally beloved late golden Otis, how Bailey loves frolicking in the pajama-boy-friendly campaign headquarters in Charlestown, how her husband What’s-his-name’s job is taking Bailey out for walks …

So this week’s Warren slobber-fest is about her three older brothers, who apparently refuse to speak to reporters (lest they be asked, if not by the Globe, but by honest media outlets, if they ever checked the box for fame and fortune as fake Indians).

But the Globe’s crack scribe did catch up with someone who knew David, and this woman said he was “furious” when the erstwhile squaw began calling their father a janitor.

“He said, ‘My dad was never a janitor.’”

And his sister was never an Indian — but I digress. David Herring, by the way, seems like a real live wire. In 2011, the Globe reported, he “told the Daily Beast, apparently without prompting, that he did not think Warren was a lesbian.”

But the most shocking part of the Globe’s in-kind contribution to the campaign this week was that Bailey the golden retriever did not make at least a cameo appearance. Is Bailey in the Globe’s dog house?

However, the boring broadsheet’s trip to David Herring’s home in the Sooner State produced a no-comment at the front door “as his golden retriever bounded about in the yard.”

It’s Globe style: every puff piece about the fake Indian has to include the words “golden retriever.”

Meanwhile, she may be fading in the polls, but Sen. Warren, D-Dow Chemical, continues to set the pace in hypocrisy. Overlooked in the wine-cave sanctimony was her recent demand that Michael Bloomberg release all the women who’ve sued his company for sexual harassment from their nondisclosure agreements.

Not so they can put the blast on the billionaire, you understand, but just in the interest of “transparency.”

Which raises the question: Speaking of transparency, when are Harvard and UPenn law schools going to release the fake Indian’s employment applications, so we can confirm once and for all that she did not “check the box” and lie about being an Indian to get a job she had no business stealing from a real Native American?

Don’t hold your breath on that one.

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