Liz Warren left behind, VP prize goes to Kamala Harris

Elizabeth Warren was on her own personal Trail of Tears last night considering all the what-ifs…

What if she’d never taken that stupid DNA test?

What if, way back when, she’d tried to pass herself off as a member of a different, larger aggrieved ethnic group, one slightly more crucial to the Democrat base?

What if she’d gone after Joe Biden in the debates instead of Michael Bloomberg – was that why Joe picked Kamala?

What if she’d been the one who met Willie Brown back in the day?

But it was not to be for the fake Indian. And as if it wasn’t bad enough being passed over for the vice presidential nod by her fellow septuagenarian Joe Biden, there was the president of the United States taking a shot at her last night, if only in passing, while discussing Kamala Harris getting the nod.

“She was very nasty, nastier than even Pocahontas,” Trump was saying, “very disrespectful to Joe Biden.”

But what really had to sting the fake Indian is that when you get right down to it, Kamala Harris is almost as big a phony as Pocahontas. The Trump campaign had a pop-up 30-second spot ready to go as soon as the announcement came out of the basement in Wilmington.

POTUS’ people pointed out Harris’ fast start, and even more rapid descent:

“Voters smartly spotted a phony. But not Joe Biden. He’s not that smart.”

But still, Kamala passed … the sniff test. Dementia Joe is really into those sniff tests, you know.

Have you noticed that cackle of Kamala’s? It’s positively Hillary-like. And the similarities to Mrs. Bill Clinton don’t end there. Like Hillary, she’s not exactly a friend of either the First or the Second Amendments.

She once proposed that the president’s Twitter account “should be taken down.” (And now one of her former aides is an executive at Twitter, and last week those Silicon Valley totalitarians did take down one of his tweets, about hydrochloroquine.)

As for the Second Amendment, during one early debate, the obnoxious Cong. Eric Swalwell suggested, in essence, doing away with the Second Amendment.

“I think your idea,” she said, “is a great one, Congressman Swalwell.”

That alone should disqualify Kamala Harris from higher office, agreeing with anything “President Swalwell,” as Corey Lewandowski calls him, ever said.

Kamala Harris also has the tendency to inflate, shall we say, her resume and biography. But there’s a lot of that going around – just ask Joe Biden, the Welsh coal miner, or the fake Indian whose parents had to elope, only they didn’t, or Barack Obama with his “composite girlfriend.”

Kamala was a prosecutor in California, district attorney and attorney general. She sent a lot of druggies to prison — more than 1,500, according to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard during the primary campaign.

So when Harris went on the morning show with Charlamagne tha God, she started bragging about her weed consumption in college — not a good look for a reefer-madness prosecutor, but she made it even worse when they asked her who she’d been listening to in college.

She answered Snoop Dog and Tupac. Of course, neither of them had recorded anything back in the late 1980’s, when she was in college and law school.

All last night, I’m sure the Democrats were scrubbing the internet of all of her, ahem, embarrassments. Like when she in effect said Jussie Smollet was the victim of a lynching, and then when his hate-crime hoax fell apart, she refused to take questions … while walking with the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Then there’s Willie Brown, whom she used to work under, so to speak. Willie’s going to have to disappear — pronto. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, or a former mayor and Assembly Speaker. He’s going to vanish — remember the Rev. Elijah Wright in 2008.

Another video clip that will soon be gone: when she attacked Joe Biden for “coddling” segregationists in the Senate. And how he was so oblivious to her that he announced he would “appoint” the first African-American woman to the Senate, forgetting a) that senators are elected, b) that he’d served with Carol Mosley Braun from Illinois, and c) that Kamala was standing next to him on the debate stage.

So there was the fake Indian last night, trying to watch the dreary TV Senate debate between Mr. Frosty and JoJoJo Kennedy. But she couldn’t keep her mind on it – her dreams were up in smoke, like a covered wagon hit with a flaming arrow out on the Chisholm Trail.

The stock market was up 300 points most of Tuesday, but when word began to leak out about Kamala, it crashed faster than the Seventh Calvary at Little Big Horn.

And the worst of it all for the fake Indian: Kamala Harris’ mother was an Indian-American. A real Indian. A real Indian (sort of) beat out a fake Indian – it’s a happy ending, almost.

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