Liz Warren “Fighting” for Stone-Cold Killer

The fake Indian – Sen. Elizabeth Warren – doesn’t much like cops, or anybody else who works for a living, for that matter.

But boy, does she love murderers! If you doubt me, check out her letters to the guy whose mugshot appears on this page.

The bloodstained thug’s name is Julio B. Leiva, and he is currently doing life without parole in the Massachusetts state prison system.

Briefly, the fake Indian’s jailbird friend murdered a guy in Springfield in 2013, shot him seven times and then rifled his pockets.

Then Leiva took it on the lam for seven months before he was lugged in Tijuana Mexico. (This mugshot was taken by the US Marshals Service.)

Back in the Commonwealth, he attacked a guard at MCI-Cedar Junction and was convicted of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

No problemo, though, as far as the fake Indian is concerned.

On May 8, 2020, at the height of the Panic, she sent Leiva a letter at his new prison in Shirley:

“As our country navigates this challenging moment, I am fighting for you, all the way.”

Think about that. The fake Indian is “fighting” for a stone-cold first-degree murderer.

“All the way.”

But wait, there’s more. Lieawatha couldn’t leave well enough alone. She sent the thug another letter, on July 30, 2020, in the aftermath of her fellow Democrats’ rioting-murder-arson-looting spree following the death of career criminal George Floyd.

“Dear Mr. Leiva,” she cooed, “thank you for contacting me about police brutality and systemic racism. I share your deep concerns about the deep-rooted systemic racism and racist violence that continues to plague our country.”

Really? Fake Indian, do you know what’s a bigger problem in this country than “police brutality and systemic racism?”

It’s the crime wave that’s being perpetrated by your voters like Julio B. Leiva and the millions like him who commit violent crimes against law-abiding taxpayers, after which they are coddled by Democrats like you.

Now, I know you can make the argument that the fake Indian had no idea who she was responding to with her far-left pablum. After all, this isn’t the first time a Massachusetts senator has been busted for open and gross pandering.

Remember during the first Gulf war, when Sen. John Forbes Kerry sent two letters to the same constituent in Newton?

In the first letter, Kerry announced his total support for the war against the genocidal dictator of Iraq. In a second missive that arrived a day later, America’s Gigolo denounced the GOP’s aggression against that nice young man, Saddam Hussein.

We all know that the fake Indian knows next to nothing about the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. She can’t pronounce “Bourne.” She thinks Massachusetts has a west coast.

But shouldn’t she at least have one or two low-level staffers in her office who have a clue where the prisons are. Perhaps her minions could also have access to, say, the Internet. So that they can actually check the identities of the people Fauxachontas is fawning over:

“I am fighting for you, all the way.”

Maybe his address — PO Box 8000, Shirley MA 01464-8000 — should have been a clue that he was, uh, institutionalized, and that maybe she shouldn’t have sent him a series of mash notes.

Multiple email requests to the fake Indian’s office for comment over the past two days have not been answered. I even offered to send Sen. Warren her pal’s mugshot if that might refresh her recollection of their cordial correspondence. But my friendly offers were ignored.

As Donald Trump might say, “Sad!”

Probably no one would have ever known about her gushing letters except for the fact that the hulking killer sued the Department of Correction. He filed his 116-page lawsuit pro se, meaning he couldn’t even get a bleeding-heart Soros-type mouthpiece to write it up for him.

As part of Leiva’s complaint, he included the two letters from the fake Indian as well as the Wrentham court docket showing his convictions for assault and battery on a correctional officer and A&B with a dangerous weapon.

I also emailed Warren’s office copies of her letters to him, as well as stories about the murder and Leiva’s conviction from the Springfield newspaper.

Leiva committed his crime in Springfield in November 2013. He shot a guy named William Serrano with a sawed-off .22-caliber rifle – seven times, three bullets to chest and four in what the paper described as “the extremities.”

Serrano was sitting on the back porch of his girlfriend’s sister’s house at the time. After blasting him, Leiva ordered one of his homeys to rifle the corpse’s pockets.

At trial, Leiva’s lawyer admitted that his client had “an extensive record but most of it was because he was left to fend for himself at an early age. He said Leiva was attacked by a group of people when was 10 years old.”

So that made it okay for the fake Indian’s fan to murder Serrano and to stab the prison guard at Walpole?

But what does the fake Indian care? She has made it clear throughout her squalid career what she thinks of cops.

In 2018, on the fifth anniversary of the shooting of Michael Brown, the “gentle giant” who tried to grab the gun of the cop in Ferguson MO after he brutally robbed an immigrant in a convenience store, the fake Indian tweeted out that Brown was “murdered by a white police officer.”

No, he wasn’t. The cop wasn’t even charged. And this fraud was a tenured professor at Harvard Law.

Then when she was running for president, she told a black group that, “The hard truth about our criminal justice system: It’s racist… I mean front to back.”

So… was Julio B. Leiva framed? Is that she thinks? What was the race of the man he was convicted of murdering? What was the race of the CO he assaulted at Cedar Junction? Were those racist assaults? Hate crimes?

Now the fake Indian is running for reelection. She’s fighting, not for you, but for Julio B. Leiva.

He’s a stone-cold killer, so she’s fighting for him.

All the way.

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