Liberals must rewire their brains away from knee-jerk Trump hate

I agree with Rachel Maddow.

How’s that for an opening? Hear me out.

The TV show host took a break from MSNBC’s wall-to-wall Rep. Liz Cheney coverage and shared that she needs to rewire her brain.

“I feel like I’m going to have to rewire myself so that when I see somebody out in the world who’s not wearing a mask, I don’t instantly think, ‘You are a threat.’ Or ‘You are selfish,’ or ‘You are a COVID denier and you definitely haven’t been vaccinated,’” she said.

While Maddow’s judgmental and paranoid internal monologue doesn’t shock me, it’s surprising she would admit to this level of lunacy on television.

That being said, I fully support this rewiring.

But it can’t stop with Maddow or with this one particular mask-focused psychosis. This overhaul needs to be extensive.

Liberals across this country need to find a way to rework their brains so they are not solely focused on their hatred for T.F.G.

T.F.G, according to the New York Times’ Gail Collins, stands for “The Former Guy.”

The nickname has caught on with Democrats who are too triggered by former President Donald Trump’s existence to actually say his name aloud — like Voldemort, from Harry Potter.

This type of all-consuming hatred doesn’t just dictate the lives of Twitter trolls and your nagging neighbor with the “Hate has no home here” lawn sign on her front yard.

Sadly, Trump Derangement Syndrome has become the basis for President Biden’s entire disastrous agenda.

Recently, the Biden-Harris administration announced it was revoking a Trump-era order that enacted stricter penalties for defacing monuments.

As conservative author Ryan Girdusky noted in response, “But why? How big is the constituency for defacing statues?”

The crowd that applauds these boneheaded decisions aren’t actually thinking about the content of the orders. They are only thinking about the man who enacted them.

Remember the motto “What Would Jesus Do?”

Today’s progressives ask, “What Would Trump Do?” and then they do the opposite — no matter how clearly a bad idea that is.

A perfect example of this mindset is the crisis at the southern border. According to Customs and Border Protections, immigration agents caught a record number of people trying to illegally enter the United States — 179,000 people to be exact.

The White House Semantics Secretary, Jen Psaki, told her loyal fans in the press corps that her boss inherited a broken immigration system from the Trump administration.

In reality, Biden reversed all of the Trump-era policies, including the “Remain in Mexico” policy, that had kept illegal immigration from spinning out of control.

But why keep the previous president’s effective policies when you can reverse them and appease your radical and irrational base?

Now that the Democrats are five months post-Orange Man, they are slowly dropping the charade that any of their insane actions are reason-based.

Liberal activist David Hogg — who started a spite pillow company to stick it to MyPillow owner and Trump supporter Mike Lindell — tweeted: “I feel the need to continue wearing my mask outside even though I’m fully vaccinated because the inconvenience of having to wear a mask is more than worth it to have people not think I’m a conservative.”

Hogg’s honesty is refreshing. However, I have a suggestion for the young entrepreneur who has since resigned from his budding pillow enterprise. The Harvard University student should create badges for Democrats that read “I hate Trump with all my heart.”

He can sell them to his like-minded liberals so that they can virtue signal and also breathe fresh air like the rest of us Make America Great Again nuts.

Welch poet/priest George Herbert from the 1600s once famously said, “the best revenge is living well.”

But today’s Democrats have a new outlook: “The best revenge is covering up my face with a mask for the rest of eternity so that everyone knows I am not a Trump supporter.”

I wonder how Trump is dealing with the agony of knowing that all of these Karens are wearing their masks as a sign of vengeful protest against him.

Someone should ask the former president when he isn’t busy being a billionaire or enjoying a round of golf at one of his properties in Florida.

I’m sure it keeps him up at night.

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