Liberal Outlets Won’t Tell You Robert Telles is a Democrat

Alleged murderer Robert Telles is a Democrat. But you wouldn’t know that from reading mainstream media.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas—an old saying, right?

Well, what happened in Vegas this week was the alleged murder of a veteran investigative reporter by a corrupt elected official who had just lost his primary election.

Seems like a juicy story, right? Only one problem: The politician perp wasn’t a MAGA Republican. He was a Democrat.

And so, unless you keep up with Howie, Grace, Fox News or a few other conservative outlets, what happened in Vegas most surely would have stayed in Vegas.

Here are the basics: Robert Telles, the elected county public administrator of Clark County, Nevada, has been arrested and charged with murdering a 69-year-old investigative reporter for the Las Vegas Citizen-Journal, Jeff German.

When German was found stabbed to death, Telles was an obvious suspect. During Telles’ tenure in Clark County, German exposed, in these searing reports, Telles’ angry, intimidating and retaliatory demeanor towards his underlings in the office.

Sounds like a happy-go-lucky guy. In case you missed it the first time, Telles is a Democrat. But you wouldn’t know that from reading mainstream media.

Actually, with shocking correlation, the further left the outlet, the more buried the D-word was in the report—if it appears at all.

To The New York Times, Telles is just a politician. A “county official” elsewhere in the article. And, if you can catch it, his party is listed a mere one time in the fifth paragraph.

To the Associated Press, Telles is merely a “Vegas-area elected official.” And the “Clark County Public Administrator.” You’ll get to his Democrat ties, maybe, but only once you read past the rest of his resume.

The report from The Daily Beast comes in with a whopping “Democrat” Count of one. Same for Politico.

The Guardian is no better. It does denote the “local official” as a Democrat…much too deep into the text for the average American reader to stick around for.

Sneaky Rolling Stone never attaches the D-word to Robert Telles. But when mentioning his recent primary loss, they have to mention which party’s primary it was, exactly. It doesn’t take much detective work to put together his party affiliation. Democrat.

But even the meager mentions from these outlets beat CNN. The bottom-rated network failed to mention the politician’s Democratic ties a single time. Are we surprised? The comrades at CNN are never afraid to pounce on every opportunity to use “election-denier” or “Trump ally” to describe Republican pols. But “Democrat”? Better to keep readers in the dark.

Now, imagine how differently this story would be covered if the politician charged with murdering a reporter had been…a Republican.

If that were the case, Robert Telles would already be a household name. His party affiliation would be emblazoned 24/7 in headlines, chyrons, an “infographic” on your liberal aunt’s Facebook page. He’d be lambasted as an insurrectionist, a domestic terrorist, a killer of democracy—and, somehow, grandmothers.

But Robert Telles is a Democrat. So nothing to see here, folks, move along.

This brooming by state-run media of the missteps of Democrats one and all is nothing new. As recently as this past August, D.C. publications gave us every other intersectional label possible for the late mayor of Hyattsville, Maryland—gay, black, etc. They even told us about his crime, if you can believe it. Prior to his suicide, Kevin “Scooter” Ward was accused of embezzling $2.2 million from charter schools during the peak months of the Panic.

What Beltway outlets somehow neglected to mention, however, was the mayor’s political affiliation. Ward was, wait for it, a Democrat.

Embezzlement or murder, Democrat corruption gets swept under the journalism rug.

But wait, it gets worse! In Clark County, Nevada yesterday, the Democrat operatives with press passes tried to blame the murder on, you guessed it, President Donald J. Trump.

When the Metropolitan Police Department opened the floor for questions at a press conference early Thursday on the Democrat’s crime, the female reporter attempted to trick Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo into deeming homicide a symptom of ultra-MAGA-ism.

“Sheriff, you said the murder of a journalist is especially troubling…do you condemn former President Trump’s normalization of violence against journalists?”

Lombardo swiftly declined her wild invitation.

“I think this is probably an inappropriate venue to speculate on that or opine on that.”

“Opine” is right, Joe. It was a ridiculous question, but, really, is anyone surprised? Is there anything 45 can’t do?

“I think it needs to be stated and noted that it is troublesome,” the sheriff said, “because it is a journalist and we expect journalism to be open and transparent and a watchdog for government.”

Like Lombardo, we all want transparent journalism. Did you hear that, CNN?

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