Howie’s Email to UMass Re: Charles Dolan, Apparently Unrepentant Insurrectionist


After release of the USDOJ Durham report on the Russian collusion hoax, I am writing to request an official public update from UMass on the status of Charles Dolan ’74. 

Is he still on the advisory board of the UMass political science department?

In the 316-page report, there are multiple references to Dolan, who has been in the past on the payroll of both the Clintons and various Russians.

Here is one example from the DOJ report:

“Our investigation… revealed that it was Dolan, not Danchenko, who actually interacted with the hotel staff identified in the Steele Reports, so between the two, Dolan appears the more likely source of the allegations.”

The allegations refer to the so-called pee tapes. The special counsel is accusing your advisory board member of apparently fabricating a scurrilous falsehood about the president of the United States as part of what may be the greatest political scandal in American history.

Special Counsel Durham described Dolan’s sworn recollections as “inconsistent” and said he “vacillated” in his stories. Dolan claimed he had no “specific recollection” of making up the falsehood about prostitutes urinating on the bed in the Ritz Carlton presidential suite in Moscow at the behest of the future president of the United States.

In the executive summary, Durham said that the Steele report, which your alumnus created with the drunk illegal alien Russian and the British national on Hillary Clinton’s payroll, included a “significant majority of the information… (that) was, in whole or part, Russian disinformation.”

In other words, according to the US Justice Department, Dolan played a major role in disseminating a “Russian disinformation” operation designed to overturn a US presidential election.

Should such an apparently unrepentant insurrectionist continue to have an honorary position at UMass?

I would like an official statement from UMass on this matter by the close of business hours today.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

Howie Carr

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