Let’s try to keep track of the Democrat lies

When you consider how many big lies the Democrat media have been spouting over the last few years, do any particular whoppers come to mind?

When you consider how many big lies the Democrat media have been spouting over the last few years, do any particular whoppers come to mind?

This week, the poster boy for the Big Lie was Michael Avenatti.

Remember the creepy porn lawyer, as Tucker Carlson called him.

Michael Avenatti was going to bring down former President Donald Trump. He was the lawyer for Julie Swetnick, who had accused Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, and Stormy Daniels, a porn star who said she had an affair with Trump. Avenatti had the goods on Trump. He might even be the next president — so said CNN. During his brief moment in the alt-left spotlight, Avenatti appeared on network and cable television 254 times.

Then he was indicted by multiple federal grand juries, for extortion and embezzlement. Last week Avenatti was sentenced to 30 months in prison. He cried like a baby. He faces more criminal trials next year in New York and Los Angeles.

Would you care to guess how much time the Democrats on TV devoted to the disgrace of their erstwhile idol?

On the three network newscasts, Avenatti’s sentencing got a total of 17 seconds — all on ABC.

Nothing to see here, folks, move along.

The Democrat cheerleaders who masquerade as journalists — Jake Tapper, Chuck Todd, George Stephanopoulos et al. — have moved on. NBC “News” is already parroting a new Democrat talking point: Any candidates for school boards who oppose Critical Race Theory are likely members of QAnon.

You remember QAnon — it spreads conspiracy theories, much like, you know, NBC “News,” which while promoting the Russian collusion hoax simultaneously suppressed real news about a Democrat serial rapist named Harvey Weinstein.

I’ll try just to scratch the surface of the torrent of calumnies, libels and disinformation that the mainstream media is peddling 24/7. Let’s begin with NBC, the network that protected Weinstein:

MSNBC anchor Joy Reid’s Twitter account was hacked by time-traveling trolls who went back 10 years and put out vile Islamophobic and homophobic tweets under her name.

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams did see a body floating by on Canal Street during Hurricane Katrina. He was also shocked by the murders he witnessed at the Superdome. This happened after his helicopter in the Mideast was almost shot down by a Scud missile.

NBC anchor Matt Lauer’s predatory sexual behavior was unknown to network suits. Ditto Mark Halperin’s.

These lists could go on practically forever. Feel free to add your own favorite “fake but accurate” stories in the tradition of “60 Minutes” and Rolling Stone.

Russian President Vladimir Putin hacked the Vermont electric grid. Trump removed the MLK Jr. bust from the Oval Office.

Hunter Biden is a talented artist. A video made by a Christian caused Benghazi. The walls are closing in on Trump.

Super-spreader events include Make America Great Again and motorcycle rallies, Super Bowl victory parties and spring break celebrations — generally, anything fun in any red state.

However, there was no scientific reason to wear masks while looting and burning down cities during bloody, anti-police riots, because “experts” say transmission of the virus cannot occur
during “peaceful protests.”

The Bubba Wallace NASCAR noose was real. Jussie Smollett was the victim of a hate crime. The Covington Catholic kid was a racist.

Fifteen days to slow the spread. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. The Russian bounties story was real. Ditto, Trump calling the World War I dead “losers.”

Austere religious scholar dies. Five people were murdered at the Capitol on Jan. 6. It was an “armed” insurrection even though no arms were found.

President Biden still has all his marbles. Hunter Biden’s laptop is Russian disinformation — 50 former “intelligence officers” all agree.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren is Native American. The science is settled. Social workers should respond to 911 calls. Former Georgia state legislator Stacey Abrams was robbed.

The Steele dossier was totally legit: There was a pee tape, former Trump adviser Carter Page was offered an $11 billion bribe, former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen did go in Prague, Hillary Clinton didn’t pay for it.

The FBI is on the level. Ditto the FISA courts. Trump’s tax cuts were “breadcrumbs.” AR-15s are used in all mass shootings. The NSA isn’t spying on Americans’ communications.

The polar ice caps will be gone by the summer of 2013. It must be true. Al Gore said it.

The delta “variant” is deadlier than the original virus. A mask is unnecessary. A mask is mandatory. Two masks are even better. Children are at terrible risk. COVID-19 came from a “wet
market.” Hydroxychloroquine can kill you.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is a national treasure. Gov. Charlie Baker “forgot” his meeting with the disgraced former head of the Holyoke Soldiers’ Home who contributed $950 to his campaign.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was “set up” by the hair salon. Trump’s China travel ban was racist. Trump banned Muslims. Voter ID laws are racist because Blacks are somehow unable to procure driver’s

The border is totally under control. Former President Barack Obama didn’t build those cages, that was Trump, back in 2014. A broken pipe in Atlanta stopped the vote count on election night.

The Bernie bro who shot up the GOP Congressional baseball practice was “apolitical.”

Trump pays no taxes. CNN analyst Jeffrey Toobin did nothing wrong. All women must be believed — except Tara Reade, who had said Biden had sexually assaulted her in 1993.

At this point, I would like to add one of my own “deeply sourced” scoops to this endless list. It’s at least as credible as any of the above Democrat so-called reporting.

Here it is: when Avenatti gets to the cell block, his nickname is going to be “Stormy.”

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